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Mr Brown… Listen to the man!

TweetShare …Whether you’re familiar with Mr Brown or not, be sure to check out this dope biographical take on the man who’s bringing back the “golden age of hip-hop” (courtesy of dephect)… You’ll dig it!

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It’s contest time! Fan of Mr Brown? Find out about the DEPHECT contest here?

TweetShareFan of Mr Brown??? Then click here to visit the dephect contest, where you will be in with a chance of winning a signed copy of “Beats for Days” (Mr Brown’s debut EP), which is guranteed to take you back to the golden age of hip hop!!!

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Bike Check: Sugar “the frame” & assorted components (Rider: Chris Smith).


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Bike Hall 2011 – bmx & mtb contest (Trutnov, Czech Republic).

TweetShareBike Hall 2011 We recently became “media partners” with the the “Bike Hall Contest” (see our listing in sponsors section) – And Pavel Hyvnar (one of the event organisers) just sent in an email, containing details for this years Bike Hall Contest. The event’s hosted in Trutnov (again), a city based in the Czech Republic.

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Live from the Echo Base Podcast {14.01.2011}

TweetShareOur friends over at dephect are doing their bit to sponsor/promote the UK underground – Be it BMX riders, musicians or events… Dephect are there! The image here is a link to the first podcast to come out of Echo Base! Click here to listen to some dope sounding Hip-Hop!

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Bike Check: Jean Silva (Sugar Bikes)

TweetShareBike Check: Jean Silva: Sugar “The Frame” & assorted components. Specification -Frame: Sugar Bikes “the Frame”.

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The Bike Hall Contest (Dartmoor/Ryys)

TweetShare Bike Hall Contest Trutnov 2010 from dartmoor-bikes.com on Vimeo. Remember the earlier post about the dartmoor-bikes team video? I was commenting on how dartmoor were sponsoring European events like the “Balaton Monster Dirt Contest”. Anyway, here’s another example of an event that’s been co-sponsored by Dartmoor: “The Bike Hall Contest 2010”. The video’s was

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All You Need Is Love: The Simon Tabron Interview…

TweetShareIntroduction (By Chad Kagy) There are few people in this world that believe in you more than you believe in yourself. There are few people that can do more on their own than what they show while people are watching. There are many people that will call you out but only few that do it […]

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Check out the new “Ride Your Way” Trailer!

TweetShare Just found this sweet video over on “Pink Bike” – It’s the trailer for “Ride Your Way”, which is the “DARTMOOR” team video, filmed throughout the 2010 season. Dartmoor Bikes are a bike company based in Poland; they are distributed through “Locker55” in the UK and can be purchased from stores like “Slam69“,

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Music: “Machine Gun” – Noisia (Drum & Bass)

TweetShare Yo! Just found this killer video over at DOA – The track itself is ‘Machine Gun’, which is the first single on Noisia’s new album, ‘Split the Atom’. I’m really into both the video and the track; as is everyone else, judging by the ratings! If your eager to learn more, see the links: […]

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