Profiler: Piotr Przywecki (Dartmoor Bikes).

Stats: –

// Name: Piot Przywecki // Age: 21 years old. // Weight: 80kg // Location: Leszno, Poland. // Sponsors: Dartmoor bikes & taste.tc. //

Questions: –

1) When did you start riding? And what was it that made you start? I’ve been riding since 2005 – At this point several friends who had already been dealing with ‘extreme riding’ encouraged me to try and ride a little  differently – And so the saga began! The first bike I had was used mainly for riding through the forests – My riding soon evolved and about two or three years later I started using my bikes on the streets and in the skateparks – A natural progression of course!

2) Describe a ‘good day’? I wake up, take a quick shower; Next I eat breakfast with my girlfriend; Then I grab my bike and I’m going to the local skatepark for a few hours; After that I come home and get ready for the party with my friends… It’s all about having fun!!!

3) With reference to the competitive aspect of your lifestyle, do you take any specific lifestyle choices to help you maintain optimum performance? I try to ride regularly in order to stay dialled, make progress and stay fit! The most important part for me is having fun and making everyday enjoyable!

4) Tell us a little about the locations you have been riding over the last few years? First of all, there are many locations in ‘Poland’ that I visit regularly. And I also visit neighbouring countries, such as ‘Germany’ and the ‘Czech Republic’. I try to stay in a habit of visiting nice new places and events on a monthly basis – So  far the best locations I have ridden are the ‘Mellow Park’ in Berlin and the ‘Bike Hall Contest’ in ‘Trutnov’ (Czech Republic). Going back to ‘Poland’, every-day I ride the largest skate-plaza in Poland, which is located in my hometown, ‘Leszno’!

5) If you could invent any contraption, what would it be and why? I never really thought about it… I guess if I could invent one contraption it would be a device that delivers happiness and smiles! (Ed/NB. It’s called a ‘vibrator’!)

6) At present, how do you allocate your time between riding BMX and other elements of life? I try to ride hard every day; but I always find time for my family, girlfriend, friends and work – It’s important to maintain that balance!

7) How have Dartmoor Bikes supported you? Dartmoor bikes provide hardware whenever it’s needed. Dartmoor also issue refunds from competitions that I enter as a representative! Our partnership is just perfect – Huge High Five to Dartmoor!

8} What riders have been influential lately? For me, the greatest players in recent times are ‘Dawid Godziek’ and ‘Waldemar Iwanowicz’ – Both are amazing riders!

9) Do you have any new video projects in the pipeline? In the near future, I am going to make a new video to promote our new facility, which is known as ‘Skateplaza’.

10) What else do you have planned for 2012? This year I want to visit many events in Poland and abroad, also I’m going to travel  to ‘Barcelona’ for a few days.

11) Is there anything else you would like to talk about? I would like to see more younger riders using helmets when it’s time to ride!

12) Any final words, shout-outs, thanks, etc? Many thanks to all my sponsors! And to you for this interview! High Five Dude!


Links: www.slam69.co.uk (The UK distributor for Dartmoor Bikes)


Check the Piotr in action…


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