Profiler: Marcel Hunt (Dartmoor Bikes)

Introduction: –

I’ve known Marcel for around 2 or 3 years now and we have become pretty close friends through our passion of riding bikes. He’s always up for a dig and you can count on him to be the first at the trails, ready to go, which is what I love about this guy. He’s super motivated to learn new tricks and pushes his riding all the time! In the last year his style and trick bag has progressed at a crazy rate and I’m sure it will show at a few comps this year! A part from that, he is such an easy going guy and it’s great to have someone at his level around to do some filming with.” – Ryan Nangle

Marcel Hunt: Loop-Barspin!

Stats: –

/// Name: Marcel Hunt // Age: 22 years old // Weight: 80kg // Location: Hampshire // Sponsors: Dartmoor Bikes, Slam69, Marzocchi Suspension, Ison Distribution ///

Questions: –

1) What was it exactly that got you rolling in the ‘DJ’ game?

Well, I got into dirt jumping kinda through motocross I suppose, as I used to take a Mtb with me to the races. Me and a couple of mates used to try and jump some of the jumps on the course for a laugh – I think that might have been where it all started!

2) Tell us all a little bit about your hometown, ‘Andover’ (UK)? And what’s the DJ scene like?

Ha! Andover, well there isn’t really a dirt jump scene its more street/park, the kids in the area are all about BMX, so it’s not really great for dirt jumping.

3) You rode ‘Motocross’ prior to starting your career as a ‘Mtb Dirt Jumper’ – Can you explain the motivation behind the switch? Has riding Motocross given you an advantage?

Yeah, well as a kid I always wanted to be a professional motocross rider and that’s what I set out to do – But unfortunately Moto-X is not cheap and as my parents split up, so I couldn’t afford it! But I loved jumping and loved catching some sweet air, ha ha – So I switched to MTB. Having a history in MX is definitely an advantage for me, as I had experienced bigger jumps, so now I’m not overly scared of hitting new stuff.

'Styles' the Word!

4) Since this is an extreme sports interview, please tell us about you most chilling Mtb crash? How does it compare to your experiences as a MX’er?

Well, I managed to run over my own leg after slipping a pedal on a tail-whip (I hate plastic pedals!) – This resulted in a broken fibula, I also tore all the muscle around my ankle – The worst aspect of the accident, was that I had to drive 3 hours home, as my mate refused to drive my car! I used to get hurt more often in MX, it was generally a lot more hard hitting, so in a way MTB is a lot better and more forgiving on the body.

5) How do you feel about the ‘UK Dirt Scene’ at present? In particular, the contest scene?

The UK scene at the moment is amazing, contest wise it’s just growing and getting so much better.

6) What gets you more amped; a blazing ‘contest run’, or low-key ‘filming session’ with your crew?

Definitely a low key filming session; although it’s never ‘low-key’ when filming with Nangle! There’s nothing better than having a laugh with your mates and progressing. Don’t get me wrong, I love comps as well and doing a solid clean run gets me stoked, but just generally being on my bike gets me amped!

It's not all about DJ!

 7) With reference to the competitive aspect of your career, do you take any specific lifestyle choices to help you maintain optimum performance?

Not really, I just make sure I ride a lot and have fun! I also do a lot of running, but not for performance, I just enjoy it!

8} Tell us all about your best ‘contest result’ so far?

At my first ever comp I won ‘Amateur King of Dirt’! And more recently I placed 5th overall at ‘NASS King of Dirt’ (overall).

9) Are you working on any new ‘video projects’ that we can keep an eye out for?

Ryan (Nangle) is always working on new ideas for edits! This summer we will be working on a brand new free-ride film; It will be much more than just dirt jumping, so watch this space!


10) You’re currently a part time ‘bank worker’ – Is the decision to work p/t based around your riding ambitions, or are you a student as well?

Yeah, I work part-time so I can ride more and have fun as well as progressing, life’s too short to not enjoy it!

11) Tell us all about your current ‘bike set-up’? And how did the ‘Dartmoor Bikes’ deal arise?

I am currently riding the ‘Cody II’ (2012), which is a really light and strong frame, with ‘Marzocchi DJ 1’s’ and an assortment of dartmoor componentry! It’s a smooth looking and robust bike! I use it to ride street, park and dirt! As for the deal, well I heard of Dartmoor Bikes when I went to a polish competition – I could see that Dartmoor were going to be big in the UK, so I talked with my good friend Pete (Fordham) from Dynamic Style… Pete started exchanging emails with’ Slam 69’ (Dartmoor Bikes UK distributor), before long I was a part of the Dartmoor Bikes UK programme! It’s been full speed from day one!

12) What steps will you be taking next, to further ‘boost’ your career as a professional dirt rider?

Well, I will just keep progressing and having fun, banging out new edits with Ryan (Nangle). I will also be riding a few more international comps; with any luck, I will also ride the ‘FMB World Tour’ one day!

13) It’s the ‘Queen’s Jubilee’ this weekend – What does this mean to you? And will you be partying any harder?

Ha ha! To be honest, it has no meaning to me! But hey, extra bank holiday to go shred!

Marcel Hunt... BOOM!!!

14) If you had ‘one wish’?

I think it would be to have a set up like ‘Semenuk’s Back Yard’ and a house to share with mates – That would be the best!

15) Any final ‘shout-out’s’, shout-down’s, big-up’s, ‘bog-off’s’?

Dartmoor bikes, slam69/Graham Foot, Marzocchi, Peter Fordham, Declan Lepage for all the great photos! And finally, all the people that support me, cheers!

Thanks Man! And ‘God SAVE the QUEEN!’ – VS

Keep your eyes peeled for more from Marcel Hunt soon...


Videos: –

Marcel Hunt Short on pinkbike.com

Marcel Hunt on the Dartmoor Shine on pinkbike.com


Marcel Hunt Summer Edit on pinkbike.com

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