Photos: The Rebel Jam/ Park Qualifiers, etc >>>

For most people ‘Park’ was the highlight of the recent Rebel Jam over in Eidenhoven – The level of riding was incredible! Riders like Alex Kennedy left the crowd hyped with the latest street moves, whilst riders like Harry Main left the crowd speechless with moves like the ‘bunnyhop flair drop-in’ (off sub!). After the riding was finished a killer party went-off, thanks to electrical treats from the Disco Dogs and other assorted turntablists. Hit the read more button to check a variety of images from the event…

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Photos: The Rebel Jam/ Flatland >>>

Scroll on down for over fifty banging flatland photos...

I’m opening this one with an apology to my homies on the flatland circuit – It’s taken a little longer than usual to upload the photos due to technical issues on my laptop! But better late than never! For anyone who missed the Rebel Jam (2011), the level of riding in general was amazing – Flatland was no different! The images here were captured on a ‘Nokia N8’; and were captured during the practice sessions! Hit read more to peek over fifty flatland photos – VS

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Contest Report: UK Flatland Championships (by Matthew Dyer!)

As you may know, ValleySideDistro co-sponsored the recent UK Flatland Championships – An event coordinated by Matti Hemmings (Welsh Pro Flatander). We made contact with Matthew Dyer (Welshside/Magazine Journalist) who produced the following report…

It’s been Matti Hemmings dream for a long time to get a flatland event in Wales. A year or more has passed since his initial dream, but with quitting his day job to ride for a living, Matti has wised up to the world and learned the in’s and out’s of what it would take to get the event rolling. Continue Reading

Jon Edwards /// VS-DECO edit in progress!!!

Jon is currently out and about stacking clips  for a new Deco/VS/Naive edit. He sent over a few shots whilst out filming. A Ruben and table out of the wall in Irlam…

Getting into the swing of things...

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Photographer of the month/June – Dorian Huet.

Bonjour! And merci, for once again tuning into our mighty fine station! And today, we break the chainz (should that be legal?), or at least the sound barrier, in a move approximately seven thousand miles Northeast (of Chile that is!)… Once again, we have gone contre vents et marées, in order to bring to you good people, ‘Photographer of the month’ (June). And once again, we have a blazing feature, the Crème de la crème? Dames, Hommes, may I introduce to you (insert drum-roll!)… Mr Dorian Huet!!! – VS

... Agent provocateur?

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Photographer of the month/May – Juan Pablo Arias Vargas (Papo).

It’s that time again; Time for another dose of photography, with this months “Photographer of the Month”; Juan Pablo Arias Vargas (A.K.A. Papo). I personally really enjoyed looking through Papos choice of “formats” – He really thought outside of the box; and delivered a diverse range of imagery. Really worth a look. And yes, yes, we’re still behind by a month. But again, it’s worth it…

Time to break the chains?

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Photographer of the month/April – Ariel Cruz!

Ladies and Genlemen… It’s been a while since our last “Photographer of the month” (Coco Zurita); and what a treat that was! And this month, we have a very dear friend of Mr Zurita (Insert drum roll); So; may I introduce to you; Cruz, “Ariel Cruz”. Again, Mr Ariel Cruz originates from Chile; and again, he has his own unique perspective. And yes, again we are fashionably late. And again, it’s a BLAZER… So let’s get this show on the road. Ladies and Gents, meet Ariel… -VS

This is actually Ariel... Himself.

This is Ariel... How many photographers do this?

It don't matter which side of the lense... Ariel got it!

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Photographer of the month/March – Coco Zurita!

Okay, okay, you got me!!! We are behind schedule, BIG TIME… But, in our defence, we gave this next post time to mature, like a fine wine – And it don’t get much more BIG TIME, than this months, Graduand in style… So, Ladies and Gentlemen, may I hand you over to the man himself, A.K.A, Valleyside Photographer of the Month, Mr COCO ZURITA…  -VS

Rise of the machines...

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Outline BMX Photo Exclusive!

“Ever since Mathew Teague became the official photographer for outline everything’s been going really smooth. We try to get as many of the team together
as possible at the weekend and we go to various locations and film and get some photos – Although it’s quite hard to get eight people together at the same time! Continue Reading

Photographer of the month/February – Dustin Millard

Yooo!!! It’s that time again – Time for february’s installation of “Photographer of the month”. And this month we have a very talented man – So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen,  may I introduce Mr Millard…

“My name is Dustin Millard, I am 23 years old and just recently moved from Denver, CO to Austin, TX. As of now, I work as a freelance graphic designer, but I’ve been shooting photography since about age thirteen. Photography is actually a large influence on what caused me to become interested in design, as well. Continue Reading