Event: Bike Hall Contest #17 (Official Poster)

The Bike Hall Contest just released the poster for their 11th Event this May! The event is sponsored by some of the best brands in BMX including labels like Valleyside, Impurity Bike Co and Fat BMX! Any UK rider who is serious about riding competitions should look into this event today. The course rules! – VS

Link: http://www.bikehallcontest.eu/

Web Videos: Raw Footage from Flatland Jam at Vibrations Urbaines #17 (2014)

I only just found the time to upload this ‘Raw Cut’ style edit of the Flatland Jam at the Vibration Urbaines #17 Event! Last year we were a Media Partner with the Event and this year we are hoping to throw in some prizes! More edits from the event soon! – VS

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/// Events: Vans Rebel Jam 2014!!! ///

The VANS REBEL JAM will be taking place this weekend at the York Hall in London (UK). The contest is very STREET orientated and this can be evidenced by the fact they got Brian Kachinsky in to design the course. At present over sixty pro riders will be battling it out for a piece of the 20,000 euro pro purse. The event itself is free to watch but make sure you get there early enough to get a spectator position (it will no doubt be packed). If you can not make it to the event then don’t worry – you can still watch it for free from home! The URL to watch the event live is: www.redbull.co.uk/rebeljam. Enjoy! – Chris@VS Continue reading “/// Events: Vans Rebel Jam 2014!!! ///”

/// Events: Vibrations Urbaines #17 ///


 The Vibrations Urbaines #17 Festival is approaching (17th-26th of October) over in Pessac (Bordeaux, France). The Festival will feature a BMX Contest and we will be there to document the action! More details can be found below! – VS

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/// Interview: Daniel Wedemeijer (Pro BMX Rider and Contest Organiser!) ///

The BRAAAB BMX Contest is approaching (22nd and 23rd of March, 2014) over in Holland – to raise event awareness we decided to produce an interview with Daniel Wedemeijer who is one of the main event organisers. So without further ado let’s start things up… Continue reading “/// Interview: Daniel Wedemeijer (Pro BMX Rider and Contest Organiser!) ///”

Events: The Official Opening of Knighton Skatepark & Valleyside Stunt Team Demo!!!

Last Saturday (24th of August) was the date set for the grand opening of Knighton’s new skatepark (Knighton BMX / Skate Park)!

A few weeks before the opening day I had been asked by David Bennett (of the KB/SP committee) if I could help make provisions for a BMX demo – I made numerous telephone calls and text messages, which resulted in the collaboration of a small team for the events BMX demo.

The team itself was called the ‘Valleyside Stunt Team’ and consisted of; Ryan Gorman, Gee Coles, Robbie Meade, Arron Whitaker and myself (Chris Smith). My role was to take photos, videos and notes whilst everyone else rode. Continue reading “Events: The Official Opening of Knighton Skatepark & Valleyside Stunt Team Demo!!!”

Locations/Events: Knighton Skatepark (Open Day!!!)

I was just cruising facebook and found a new page for Knighton Skatepark – the park looks to have some good features and is probably a little bit bigger than Newtown Skatepark and a little smaller than Hereford Skatepark! The official opening date for Knighton Skatepark is the 24th of August – this opening day will comprise of a BBQ, Pro Demo and Live Music! – VS Continue reading “Locations/Events: Knighton Skatepark (Open Day!!!)”

The Ledge Show >>>

General Information >>>

SHOW DATES: 2nd-4th September 2012:
LOCATION: The National Hall, Olympia, London W14.
SHOW OPENING TIMES: Sunday 2nd – 10am-6pm   Monday 3rd – 10am-6pm   Tuesday 4th – 10am-4pm.

These are trade exhibitions so, with the exception of named guests, members of the public are not admitted.

“London has always been on the forefront of fashion trends, but it has lacked a trade show that embraces the Action Sports culture.  Now Osiris finally has a forum where we can connect with our retail partners and truly convey our brand message.” Joe Markx  Osiris Shoes International Sales Manager. Continue reading “The Ledge Show >>>”

Events: VANS on Fistral Beach {Boardmasters/Relentless Energy Drink}.

Those familiar with the event are in for a surprise this year as Vans have completely shaken up the traditional vert and mini ramp set up with an incredible all new mini and street skate setup. Check out the layout plan for an insight on what to expect.

Relentless Energy Drink Boardmasters in association with Vans never fails to attract the biggest names in skateboard and BMX and this year is looking no different.

From the skateboard world you can expect to see the likes of Josh Young, Jake Collins, Andy Scott, Darryl Dominguez amongst others.  Bmx enthusiasts can look forward to the likes of Vincent Mayne, Phil Aller, Zack Williams, Tobias Wicke, Marcus Braumann all competing for their share of the £14k prize pot. Nb. Vans on Fistral is just one of the reasons to hit up the Boardmasters event – Check out the website for more info!!!

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