Bike Hall Contest, No.7 – The Results.

The BHC crew over in Trutnov did a great job with this years Bike Hall Contest. As expected, the event was brilliant; furthermore, the level of riding surpassed my personal expectations – Exceptional! There will be a more detailed account of the event, along with media, soon! – Until then, check the results!

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Events: The Bike Hall Contest (Less than two months!)

Hey, just a quick reminder, the bike hall contest is approaching! Check the flyer! – VS

Be there or be square...

To download the event brochure, click here: Bike Hall Contest Information.

Bike Hall 2011 – bmx & mtb contest (Trutnov, Czech Republic).

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Bike Hall 2011

We recently became “media partners” with the the “Bike Hall Contest” (see our listing in sponsors section) – And Pavel Hyvnar (one of the event organisers) just sent in an email, containing details for this years Bike Hall Contest. The event’s hosted in Trutnov (again), a city based in the Czech Republic.

Events: “Simpel Session 2011″, Tallinn, Estonia.

Throughout 2011 we’ll be promoting the best international BMX events, they will also be archived in the events section. First up Simpel Session 2011:

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“Hard facts

Time: 5-6th February 2011