The Art of Ascension: The Francisco “Coco” Zurita Interview…

Coco's in town...


“When I call I either get “Hi this is Coco and I’m prolly buzy right now”, or I get a “hola cheeky dogg”  from one of the most genuine people I’ve ever known. Coco arrived on the scene in 2004, after a long time friend had moved from their hometown in Chile to Dallas, Texas. I received a call from a dirt jumper named Sean Tarrant letting me know he had found someone with something special.

The GT Air Show was the mid summer tour, so we re-routed through Texas and swooped up Coco. Along side Cameron White, Coco rapidly took his riding to the next level. It was such a rad experience; watching this kid from Chile, become one of the absolute very best in the world. With a fluid riding style and powerhouse tricks, Coco has quickly changed how people look at BMX vert riding. In four years of Summer tour, if my math is correct, that is a few hundred BMX shows, a few speeding tickets, too many late night drives, A LOT of java chips, spending almost every waking moment with this kid from Chile and I can only remember being mad at him twice. Once for rushing me and another time he didn’t want to drive haha.

Thank you Pedro. You’re an amazing friend and an all around awesome cheeky dogg! I’m excited to watch what you do in BMX in the future!” – Bo Wade

Profiler: Maciek Kiwak (Maciej Kiwak).


“If you’d asked riders from the scene about Maciek, you’d probably hear that; “…he only ever does turn-downs and flairs”…  ”…his bike’s way too light…” and “…he always rides without his shirt!” – There is much truth in all of this! However, I’ll add that; his turn-downs and flairs, are performed in places, that no other riders would attempt such tricks (and a few other maneuvers as well!). In addition, his bike’s never too light (you’ll see why in the new Dartmoor film!).  And lastly, the t-shirt thing, it gets worse… I’ve seen him riding without pants too!” – Ryszard Syryczynski

Chilling in the streets of Katowice...

Full name: Maciej Kiwak/ Sponsors: Dartmoor Bikes & Intruz Clothing/ D.O.B: 16.02.1989/ Place of residence: Katowice, Poland.

All You Need Is Love: The Simon Tabron Interview…

"Encapsulating a lifestyle - The Rise Of Simon Tabron"

Introduction (By Chad Kagy)

There are few people in this world that believe in you more than you believe in yourself. There are few people that can do more on their own than what they show while people are watching. There are many people that will call you out but only few that do it when you deserve it or need it.

Profiler: Matti Hemmings

Yo! You should probably be familiar with him already, but if not, now’s your chance to get aquainted – So without further ado; The Matti Hemmings Interview (or at least the latest interview!) – VS

Name: Matti Hemmings/ Age: 23/ Location: Brecon (Wales)/ Years Riding: 6years/ Sponsors: eastpak(uk), dephect, odessa footwear & valleyside…

Exorcising the ‘Draino’: The John Parker Interview.


“Back in the early 90′s, at the height of ‘Hoffman mania’, a kid from Middle California appeared on the radar – It seemed as though he was winning contests in no time at all and had a big bag of tricks; he was the first person after Mat to learn flairs, making it seem like a possibility for us ‘mere mortals’… The parallels with Mat continued; he was quiet and he was humble, yet he had a crazy intensity and an apparent unwillingness to back down when it came to new and impossible tricks. I liked him from the start! John inevitably turned pro, quickly making a name for himself; he had a great style but he also seemed to be a bit crazy – He developed a reputation for trying tricks that weren’t supposed to work (no handed candy bars, body varials) and also for his cat-like reflexes (somehow, always being able to land on his feet)… I’ve known John for at least 15 years and he never fails to surprise me; always happy, always positive, always an original. One of my favourite vert riders of all time, humble as hell, a psycho with a smile, a guy I’m proud to call my friend, John Parker” {Introduction by Simon Tabron, 23rd of December, 2010}

John Parker Portrait, courtesy of bart at fatbmx...

Interview: Balazs Ivanfi (2nd time around)


The Josh Cox Interview (2nd time around)

Josh, getting tech/burly!

The Johann Chan Interview…


BMX Purist: James Hitchcox!

This next article was originally produced for welshside bmx, but was just too popular not to get a second featuring on here – So, without further ado, ladies and gentlemen… The James Hitchcox Interview!