Music: Captain Crunch – Rockin Out Vol.1 {For the mature B-Boys!}

Dephect’s hosting another turbulent hip-hop mix, by Captain Crunch – Definitely one for the mature B-Boys! 32 minutes of your favorite hip-hop…

DJ Captain Crunch - Rockin Out!

Music: “All of That, Stig of the Dump x Captain Crunch Mash Up” – Free download!

Dephect are currently hosting “All of That (Captain Crunch Edit)” – A killer track from “Stig Of The Dubs – DJ Captain Crunch EDITS” (Nb. Original artist – Stig Of The Dump)… Whether your into Dubstep or not, I’m sure you’ll be able to appreciate this one! The track’s currently available for free download, over on dephect!

Music: “Das EFX – Baknaffek”… Timeless!?

Do I even need a reason to make this post? Instant classic!

Mr Brown… Listen to the man!

…Whether you’re familiar with Mr Brown or not, be sure to check out this dope biographical take on the man who’s bringing back the “golden age of hip-hop” (courtesy of dephect)… You’ll dig it!

Music: “Machine Gun” – Noisia (Drum & Bass)

Yo! Just found this killer video over at DOA – The track itself is ‘Machine Gun’, which is the first single on Noisia’s new album, ‘Split the Atom’. I’m really into both the video and the track; as is everyone else, judging by the ratings! If your eager to learn more, see the links: -