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Interview: Chris ‘valleyside’ Smith…

As seen on psbmx.com… THE CHRONICLES OF CHRIS (The Chris Smith Interview) Part One: The Lost Scriptures of Smithy. Stats: – /// Name: Chris Smith /// Nicknames: Smithy & Valleyside /// Hometown: Welshpool (UK) /// Years riding: 14 /// Supporters: Dartmoor Bikes (UK), VP-USA, Force Field Body Armour, Vendetta Brand and Fluid BMX Store (flow) /// […]

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Industry: New Sugar Bikes STEM in PROGRESS!!!

Just got some fresh news – David Ines the owner of Sugar Bikes has been developing the new Sugar Stem… SWEET! In other related news, SUGAR BIKES are currently looking for further European Distributors to help accomplish their vision! Sugar Bikes are DOPE! Tweet

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Fresh of the press: Fluid BMX open now!!!

Yes that’s right! Hereford now have a classy new BMX store known as ‘Fluid BMX‘. It’s rider owned and stocks most major labels, including Sugar Bikes and Deco BMX. In short, they know what’s up! Check ’em out. – VS Tweet

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Latest ValleySideDistro advert!

Here’s a copy of the latest ValleySideDistro advert, which was designed in house by Dustin Millard. It features in the current edition of Ride and The Albion. Shout-out to all the riders and photographers who were involved. Cheerio – VS Tweet

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Product photos: ‘Gringo’ Forks.

Yo!!! We Thought it was about time to show some more product shots of the new Sugar Bikes ‘Gringo’ bars/forks (prototype only). These mighty-fine components are just about to be put through further testing, by the new (UK) Sugar Bikes product tester (you’ll hear more about him soon!). Keep your eyes peeled, for further test-footage/photos […]

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Valleyside Welcomes Ollie Palmer to the UK Sugar Bikes Team!

Not so long ago we received an email from Sugar Bikes. It highlighted a certain “WE ARE LEVEL” rider  as a worthy addition, for the UK Sugar Bikes Team. We did our homework (watching web-videos, etc) and guess what? We agreed! So, it’s with great delight we introduce to you… Mr Ollie Palmer! Ollie, Welcome […]

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Sugar Bikes to co-sponsor the Bike Hall Contest!

Just been talking with the Bike Hall Contest organisers – It turns out Sugar Bikes are sponsoring the event! So if you’re a participant at the event, you’ll be in with a chance of winning a sugar frame and a set of bars! Word! Tweet

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Sugar Bikes – The Frame… Now available from Valleyside store!

Sugar Bikes (SugarBMX) are now available in the UK, direct from our store! We’re doing a frame for £220.00, including postage and packaging – And that’s anywhere in the world! Really good frames –  You’ll love them – VS Tweet

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Bike Check: Sugar “the frame” & assorted components (Rider: Chris Smith).

Specification Tweet

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Bike Check: Jean Silva (Sugar Bikes)

Bike Check: Jean Silva: Sugar “The Frame” & assorted components. Specification -Frame: Sugar Bikes “the Frame”. Tweet

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