Kravetz/Mobile-phone-vid/Viljandi/Estonia from Chris@Valleyside on Vimeo.

Another mini-edit from Oliver kravets! Again, shot on a mobile phone! So don’t expect the quality to be to high! Again, shot at his indoor skatepark in Viljandi, Estonia. Few bangers include: 180-smith to fakie-360 and smith grind to luc-e, barz, etc. Cheers – VS


Kravetz/1hr@Skatepark/Viljandi/Estonia from Chris@Valleyside on Vimeo.

Oliver kravets has put in work! This is an edit he sent me today – It was shot at his indoor skatepark (which I think he helped build?), in Viljandi, Estonia. He produced this in just over an hour – Using a mobile phone! Imagine what is full video section is going to be like! – VS