Exorcising the ‘Draino’: The John Parker Interview.


“Back in the early 90’s, at the height of ‘Hoffman mania’, a kid from Middle California appeared on the radar – It seemed as though he was winning contests in no time at all and had a big bag of tricks; he was the first person after Mat to learn flairs, making it seem like a possibility for us ‘mere mortals’… The parallels with Mat continued; he was quiet and he was humble, yet he had a crazy intensity and an apparent unwillingness to back down when it came to new and impossible tricks. I liked him from the start! John inevitably turned pro, quickly making a name for himself; he had a great style but he also seemed to be a bit crazy – He developed a reputation for trying tricks that weren’t supposed to work (no handed candy bars, body varials) and also for his cat-like reflexes (somehow, always being able to land on his feet)… I’ve known John for at least 15 years and he never fails to surprise me; always happy, always positive, always an original. One of my favourite vert riders of all time, humble as hell, a psycho with a smile, a guy I’m proud to call my friend, John Parker” {Introduction by Simon Tabron, 23rd of December, 2010}

John Parker Portrait, courtesy of bart at fatbmx...

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