Watch “Ride Your Way” here! (Web Video of the Month!)

Yooo!!! Ryys just sent me a link for the official online premiere of the new Dartmoor production – “Ride Your Way”. It’s been filmed and edited by Ryszard “RyyS” Syryczyński (see earlier post). Many days of filming, 11 riders, 6 countries, contests, trips and jams with a mix of dirt jump, street, skatepark and freeride actions on MTB and BMX (from the likes of Maciej Kiwak, see earlier post!) – So there you go, over an hour of free BMX flicks… If your digging Dartmoor Bikes, visit Slam69 (retail) or Locker55 (distributor).

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The Art of Ascension: The Francisco “Coco” Zurita Interview…

Coco's in town...


“When I call I either get “Hi this is Coco and I’m prolly buzy right now”, or I get a “hola cheeky dogg”  from one of the most genuine people I’ve ever known. Coco arrived on the scene in 2004, after a long time friend had moved from their hometown in Chile to Dallas, Texas. I received a call from a dirt jumper named Sean Tarrant letting me know he had found someone with something special.

The GT Air Show was the mid summer tour, so we re-routed through Texas and swooped up Coco. Along side Cameron White, Coco rapidly took his riding to the next level. It was such a rad experience; watching this kid from Chile, become one of the absolute very best in the world. With a fluid riding style and powerhouse tricks, Coco has quickly changed how people look at BMX vert riding. In four years of Summer tour, if my math is correct, that is a few hundred BMX shows, a few speeding tickets, too many late night drives, A LOT of java chips, spending almost every waking moment with this kid from Chile and I can only remember being mad at him twice. Once for rushing me and another time he didn’t want to drive haha.

Thank you Pedro. You’re an amazing friend and an all around awesome cheeky dogg! I’m excited to watch what you do in BMX in the future!” – Bo Wade

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Interview: Ryys (of Bike Hall Contest/ Dartmoor fame!)


“I remember RyyS from the time that he started his career as a videographer. He was a very humble guy, full of passion and commitment, for all his projects. A couple of years later, despite the huge popularity of his films, he still remained a very same guy! He’s still devoted to what he’s doing and is always ready for sacrifices, to obtain the best shots (e.g. filming all day, being exposed to temperatures far below zero!). I guess this is the reason that his films are so attractive and nice to watch!” – Maciej Kiwak.



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