Jon Edwards, Deco flow!

“Yo, Deco just got their first official UK flow rider, in association with Valleyside, his name is Jon Edwards. Jon loves bmx, and he likes to ride most disciplines. As you can see from the photos, he’s injecting his own unique style into his manouvers… Always a treat! Jon’s not just bmx though, Jon has a long list of creative outlets – If creatives are your thing, get you wiki on! Keep your eyes peeled, Jon will have some quality web video’s dropping on Valleyside/Deco soon!…” – VS

Send it...

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Photographer of the month/March – Coco Zurita!

Okay, okay, you got me!!! We are behind schedule, BIG TIME… But, in our defence, we gave this next post time to mature, like a fine wine – And it don’t get much more BIG TIME, than this months, Graduand in style… So, Ladies and Gentlemen, may I hand you over to the man himself, A.K.A, Valleyside Photographer of the Month, Mr COCO ZURITA…  -VS

Rise of the machines...

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Ryys: BMX Day Contest, Warsaw, Poland (Web Video of the Month/April).

Recently got an email from Ryys, it read; “Hey, here’s the video about the Dartmoor team at the BMX Day 2011 contest, which took place in Warsaw last weekend. I hope you’ll like it. Regards Ryszard Syryczyński” . It’s always great to see new riders dropping hammers and gaining recognition, in uncharted (at least from the main-stream international media) territory! Now I’m sure Poland’s always bred talent; but with new industry (Dartmoor, available in the UK from Slam69), rad events (BMX Day Contest/Baltic Games) and riders like Maciej Kiwak, the future of BMX, in Poland, is Strong! Enjoy the flick – VS

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Link of the month/March: Matti Hemmings, PRO Flatlander – Personal Website!

You’ve heard him on the radio, you’ve seen him on the TV show, M to the I, H to the S (insert drum roll!): It’s Matti Hemmings! Or at least a link to his new personal website! And again, sorry it’s late! But hey, at least you can now stay informed using this A to Z online extravaganza! In other related news, Mr Hemmings is now repping super dope street label, dephect clothing… The futures looking bright! Oh, he’s also doing shows with Elemental Force and killing it on the Ground Tactic contest scene! As you can imagine, I could write forever, but you can do the searching, this is VS, over and out!

He's gonna be massive (much more massive!)...

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General PR: Sugar Bikes “Gringo” Bars/Forks (Jean Silva signature products)

Yo!!! Got a minute? Pop over to the Sugar Bikes website, to check out the spec on Jean Silva’s “Gringo” bars and forks. Talk about USP – You won’t find another company making products like this anywhere on the globe! And if Sugar’s “The Frame” is anything to go by, the finshed quality will be very high indeed!

Unique Selling Point!

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Link of the month/February: The Coco Zurita, personal website!

As you’re probably already aware, Coco kicks ass on a bike. Mr Zurita is also an avid BMX promoter, enjoys motors as avocation, and much more! Furthermore, Coco keeps photo diarys of his lifestyle! Anyway, to the point, Coco’s personal website is Februarys (belated!) link of the month – So now you can keep up with Coco’s lifestyle and crusades! Nice one! Sorry it’s late!

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