The BMX Masters, 2011 – Amazing video by Sevisual.

If you did’nt already know it, ‘The BMX Masters’ RULED! This video by ‘Sevisual’ really highlights how good the event actually was! It features Alex Jumelin, Bob Haro, Daniel Dhers – All the biggest names! Congratulations Sevisual and the riders of course! Ps. See if you can spot yours truly – VS

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Press Release: ‘The ripping and the tearing’…

Good Morning Everybody!!! I switched on my computer this morning and was greeted by an email direct from the Publicity Director of  ‘the ripping and the tearing‘ crew;  It contained the crews final video release (and it’s good!) for the Nike Chosen (UK link) contest, as well as the crews offiicial press release, inc photographes:

"Oh SHIT!!!"

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The BMX Masters 2012, by Timo Stabenheiner.

/// Yo! What we have here is a really nice video of the ‘BMX Masters‘… See if you can spot me!!! /// Video credit: Timo Stabenheiner /// Source: Vital ///


“Highlights from park finals at the 2011 BMX Masters in Cologne, Germany featuring Daniel Dhers, Pat Casey, Michael Beran, Brett Banasiewicz, Dan Foley, and more!” – Vital Continue reading “The BMX Masters 2012, by Timo Stabenheiner.”

National Adventure Sports Show – By Urban Kreation!!!

Just checked this really nice edit from ‘NASS’, by ‘Urban Kreation’ – It shows the Urban Kreation riders having a good time. And remember, ‘Urban Kreation’ jeans are available in our store section! REALLY good jeans – Comfy, stylish and strong as hell! – VS

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Sneak peak: Dephect advert…

As you may, or may not know, the new valleyside catalogue is currently in production. If you’re a shop and you’re interested in receiving a copy of the catalogue (Sugar Bikes/DECO, etc), please email: Whilst your waiting, here’s a few sneaky images from the catalogue (Ps. DEPHECT ad makes nice wall-paper)…

New DEPHECT advert, featuring Damo Wilkinson (By DEPHECT).

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