Interview: Jeremy VanSchoonhoven

Monica Warnock-Moore (athlete agent) recently made contact seeking to promote one of her star riders – Without further ado, it’s time for something fresh, an interview with the trials extrodinaire himself, Mr Jeremy VanSchoonhoven! Enjoy – VS!
Name: Jeremy VanSchoonhoven
DOB: 10/04/1982
Home Town: Williams Oregon (USA) 

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Product Review: Forcefield ‘Limb Tube’ Armour

I first learnt about ‘Forcefield Body Armour’ at the Cycle Show (2011), where I had the opportunity to meet the Forcefield Marketing Director – After subsequent correspondence, it was agreed we were to cooperate on some light advertising and product testing – Soon after, I received my first package, the Forcefield ‘Limb Tube’ Armour (Knee Pads).

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/// Link of the Month (Nov): Forcefield Body Armour ///

I had the opportunity to check the Forcefield Body Armour booth at The Cycle Show (2011) – And very glad I did! I was impressed with the quality of the products; and the representatives were cool. In short, FORCEFIELD BODY ARMOUR ARE LINK OF THE MONTH! Within the next 6 months we will be testing both the ‘Limb Tube Knee Armour‘ and the ‘Zeus Knee Protector’ – I’ve had a chance to sneek-peak both sets of pads – High expectations, ’nuff said! Anyway, keep your eyes peeled! – VS

Product Reviews: Urban Kreation Jean (Inc Kevlar/Vectran lining).

/// Nb. Following report was produced on the 18th of October, 2011 ///

Urban Kreation recently sent over a set of jeans to be tested by a member of Valleyside Distro – I decided that I personally was going to take the opportunity to test the jeans.


Urban Kreation are a brand with definitive selling points, which lead to their products individuality within the market arena. But what makes their brand so different? In essence, Urban Kreation are making jeans (alongside other garments) using progressive technologies that result in extremely strong products for BMX (Mtb, skateboarding, etc) use. However, these aren’t your typical protective trousers – The jeans are stealthy and forward-thinking through design – Nobody would guess the technologies within. Continue reading “Product Reviews: Urban Kreation Jean (Inc Kevlar/Vectran lining).”

Web Video of the Month/November: Monster Energy’s Alex Coleborn in Bristol and Hastings, UK!

Alex Coleborn went big for his latest Monster edit, which was filmed over 5 days at Motion Skatepark in Bristol and the newly rebuilt Seventies private warehouse in Hastings, England. Enjoy!” – Urban Kreation

… And yes, he’s using Urban Kreation Jeans, which are available from our store (amongst other places!) -VS

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