Events: VANS on Fistral Beach {Boardmasters/Relentless Energy Drink}.

Those familiar with the event are in for a surprise this year as Vans have completely shaken up the traditional vert and mini ramp set up with an incredible all new mini and street skate setup. Check out the layout plan for an insight on what to expect.

Relentless Energy Drink Boardmasters in association with Vans never fails to attract the biggest names in skateboard and BMX and this year is looking no different.

From the skateboard world you can expect to see the likes of Josh Young, Jake Collins, Andy Scott, Darryl Dominguez amongst others.  Bmx enthusiasts can look forward to the likes of Vincent Mayne, Phil Aller, Zack Williams, Tobias Wicke, Marcus Braumann all competing for their share of the £14k prize pot. Nb. Vans on Fistral is just one of the reasons to hit up the Boardmasters event – Check out the website for more info!!!

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Music: Boardmasters {Relentless Energy Drink} >>>

Relentless Energy Drink  energy sessions line up has now been announced!

“Relentless Energy Drink have created a fantastic summer festival line up including Young Guns, The Japanese Popstars, Punks Jump Up, Bwani Junction, Proxies, Ramdom Impulse, Swiss Lips, Plastic Thumbs, The Mongolian Disco Show, Crooked Cats and The Solo Collective. 

These acts will be tearing up the Energy Sessions stage, sponsored by Relentless Energy Drink.  

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Web Video: The Want Beverages team @ Muskoka Woods Camp.

The Want Beverages team @ Muskoka Woods Camp from brian hunt on Vimeo.

Just found this sweet edit featuring some of the VOX/CAPIX team smashing it up! The video itself is a little old, but it shows that both brands have been supporting the scene or a while now. Retailers can source both labels from I-Five Distribution (UK) – VS

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/// Link of the Month (July): I-five Distribution ///

I-Five Distribution is a skater owned company, formed in 2002. They distribute quality BMX, MTB and Skateboarding goods across the United Kingdom & Ireland. They distribute over 15 brands, including labels such as CAPIX and VOX Footwear. Click the read more tab for a glimpse of what is on offer…

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Product News: Capix Helmets.

Brand Overview: Capix.

Debuting their first helmet collection in 2000, Capix was founded on the objective of providing the best protection available at an affordable price. Armed with one of the most influential pro teams ever assembled, Capix has expanded its product categories to include, not only helmets, but also safety equipment and accessories, spanning four major action sports categories: snow, skate, wake and bike.

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Product News: VOX Footwear.

During recent communication with I-FIVE Distribution I was made aware of VOX Footwear. VOX are a relatively new name in skate shoe design – Nevertheless, they have developed a mighty fine range of shoes, all of which come in various colours, styles and sizes. It looks like VOX have put a lot of time in developing their range and it really shows. At present I’m testing a set of DownLows and you will be hearing more about them in due course. Until then, click continue reading to preview the full range – Chris@VS

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Profiler: Alfie Stevens (Dartmoor Bikes).

Stats: –

// Name: Alfie John Perry Stephens // Age: 16 // Weight: 72KG // Location: The Prince Albert Pub, STROUD // Sponsors: Dartmoor UK, Slam69, Marzocchi, Keith Allen // Continue reading “Profiler: Alfie Stevens (Dartmoor Bikes).”

Profiler: Antti Rissanen (Dartmoor Bikes).

Stats: –

/// Name: Antti Rissanen // Age: 19 // Weight: 89kg // Location: Kuopio, Finland // Sponsors: Dartmoor bikes/BestBrakes team, OBG clothing, Kali protection and Continental tyres ///

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