News: ‘Academy Skatepark’ due to open soon!!!

I woke up today and turned my Nokia Lumia 920 on… The first thing I did was log onto Facebook to see what was on the grapevine… Next I get hit by some truly excellent news… The Academy Skatepark in Oswestry (UK) is due to open it’s doors to the public soon! This is simply quite marvellous for anybody living in the Mid-Wales/Shropshire/Cheshire area! And judging by the originality of the ramps, this park will surely sustain business from all over the UK! Want to learn more? Add The Academy Skatepark up on Facebook, or Read On to see what will be…

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Web Video: Simon Tabron riding @ THI (By Shanna Bridges Tabron).

Simon Tabron has got to be one of my all time favorite ramp riders… He simply does not stop and always has new tricks on display. This 2012 edit was filmed by his wife, Shanna Bridges Tabron, at THI! Dudes on FIRE! Back in early 2011 we dropped; All You Need Is Love – The Simon Tabron Interview! Check it out! – VS

Web Video: Dropping Pounds Of Purple (Shawn Mcintosh!)


You may not hear about Shawn Mcintosh everyday, but man can this guy kill it on street – take Dropping Pounds Of Purple for example!!! When have you ever seen anybody other than Shawn Mcintosh dropping wheelie maneuvers like that!!! Boom!!! Scroll on for more of Shawns Edits! And remember, Fit Bike Co stuff can be purchased through Fluid BMX Store!!! – VS Continue reading “Web Video: Dropping Pounds Of Purple (Shawn Mcintosh!)”

Contest: PSBMX One Hit Wonder!!!

Our friends over at PSBMX are currently running the One Hit Wonder Contest – It’s simple: you send PSBMX one video clip and each week PSBMX will name the One Hit Wonder Of The Week. At the end of the year the PSBMX panel will vote for the “One Hit Wonder” of the year. Check out more details below… Continue reading “Contest: PSBMX One Hit Wonder!!!”

Web Video Mash-UP: Joe “BUTCHER” Kowalski collection!!!

Looking back in retrospect Joe “Butcher” Kowalski was always one of my favourite riders – he is always putting together the most ridiculous grind combos and often they will be switch, or opposite without the viewer even realising it! And despite the fact he is perceived as a street rider, you only have to watch the video above to realise he has perhaps been equally innovative on ramp and dirt! Anyway, click continue reading to view some of The Butchers best web videos from over the years! And just so you know, The Butcher currently rides for Animal Bikes; and Animal Products can be sourced through outlets like ValleySideDistro or Fluid BMX Store! – VS

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Web Video: Rafał “Skejcik” Kierc edit vol.3 (DartBMX)!!!

Rafał “Skejcik” Kierc edit vol.3 from Maciek Miller on Vimeo.

Just found this raw edit featuring Rafal “Skejcik” Kierc – the edit itself was produced by Maciek Miller; and the film itself was shot at Jutrzenka Skatepark (Warsaw, Poland)! The edit itself is epic and contains tricks like Tailwhip-Superman and Flair-Disaster-Barspin… Just goes to show the DartBMX team quite simply don’t stop! Rafal is currently riding the Dartmoor Nami II frame, which can be sourced from Slam69 – I personally ride a Nami II and you can check the spec in my online review!!!

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The (BMX) Union/Link: We The People ~ 2013 Trust & Reason Completes (Review!!!).

I was cruising The Union earlier and came across this great We The People review – in short, they are reviewing the (2013) Trust & Reason complete bikes! WTP have been making complete bikes for time; and if this review is anything to go by, then they may very well be worth investigating! If you are based in the UK you can purchase WTP bikes/products from Fluid BMX Store, who are guaranteed to do you a fair deal – VS Continue reading “The (BMX) Union/Link: We The People ~ 2013 Trust & Reason Completes (Review!!!).”

Web Video: Simple Session Commercial (Subrosa Brand)!!!

Subrosa Brand have a ton of new videos up right now on their site – this particular edit is a promo for the 2013 Simple Session event over in Estonia! As you can see, the Subrosa Team will be in full effect! On a side note, if you are interested in sourcing a Subrosa Bike then you should know that they can be sourced through Fluid BMX Store! – VS Continue reading “Web Video: Simple Session Commercial (Subrosa Brand)!!!”

Web Video: Damo Wilkinson (2012!!!).

Damo Wilkinson 2012 – AmityBikeCo from Inch Thomson on Vimeo.

I just talked with Damo Wilkinson and he showed me his latest web video – it’s pretty sick and definitely worth checking out! I probably said it before, but Damo is one of the smoothest riders in the UK. If you are a fan of Damo Wilkinson you will probably be interested in reading his DEPHECT INTERVIEW! – VS Continue reading “Web Video: Damo Wilkinson (2012!!!).”