/// Web Video: Original Bike Tricks from Tim Knoll ///

TIM KNOLL just released this web flick featuring some RARE TREATS, being perfomed to some ALTERNATIVE INDIE BEATZ! In essence (to me at least), this dude kinda reminds me of RODNEY MULLEN… But on a BMX! This is some seriously original riding! Hit read more to see a few more of Tim Knoll’s videos and one of Rodeny Mullen! – VS Continue reading “/// Web Video: Original Bike Tricks from Tim Knoll ///”

Web Video: MacAskill’s Imaginate – In the Balance – Ep 1

Check out this flick documenting Danny MacAskill and the various hurdles he faces on a daily-basis! It’s the first of a six part series – at present there are 3 episodes available online – check ’em out and keep your eyes peeled for further episodes! – VS Continue reading “Web Video: MacAskill’s Imaginate – In the Balance – Ep 1”

Web Video: Brian Kachinsky / Primo 2013.


I just found Brian Kachinsky’s latest edit over on FatBMX – at 31 years of age this dude is still killing it like nobody else! So many wild grinds and general street debauchery! This particular edit was filmed for Primo – Primo BMX parts can be sourced from Fluid BMX Store! – VS Continue reading “Web Video: Brian Kachinsky / Primo 2013.”

News: Coco Zurita on ‘Fourspeed Metalwerks’!!!

Our friend Coco Zurita recently got picked up by Four Speed Metalwerks! In short, Four Speed Metalwerks make interesting products like; Buckles, Rings and Pendants using Metal! Fourspeed add spice to their mix by working in collaboration with artists and characters of recognition – this means we will surely be seeing some Coco Zurita Signature Products in the future! Keep your eyes peeled! – VS Continue reading “News: Coco Zurita on ‘Fourspeed Metalwerks’!!!”

News: New VP-USA website and further VP riders!!!

VP Components have a brand NEW WEBSITE! The VP-USA team now includes James Jones and Chris Smith, both of which are representing the UK! The new VP-USA website is a vast improvement on the old website. The entire VP rig, be it product, team or marketing, is steadily improving year on year! VP will be introducing further product in the next few months – we will have news on them soon! Until then, if you want VP products don’t hesitate to make contact and we will hook you up! – VS Continue reading “News: New VP-USA website and further VP riders!!!”

Web Video: Sergio Layos and his Road to Recovery (Redbull)

This video documents REDBULL rider Sergio Layos and his road to recovery after an epic leg injury! Here at Valleyside we don’t like to see Sergio down… That’s why we are stoked to link you up with his progress – VS Continue reading “Web Video: Sergio Layos and his Road to Recovery (Redbull)”

Web Video: Brecon Beacons Rising High – Matti Hemmings (By Alex Allen).

This is Matti Hemming’s latest online video: Brecon Beacons Rising High! It has become the norm for Matti to perform his riding in rare, photogenic locations – this edit is no different! The opening sequences look like the intro to a David Attenborough documentary… But the only mammal in motion is Matti Hemmings! Matti’s riding seems to go from strength to strength, as does the film making. On a side note, Matti is donning the latest DEPHECT Clothing… DOPE!!! – VS Continue reading “Web Video: Brecon Beacons Rising High – Matti Hemmings (By Alex Allen).”

Web Video: Loot/DUB Boneyard Sessions!!!

This flick features the Loot/DUB riders shredding The Boneyard… Just goes to show that the DUB guys own it! In over related news, the DUB STREET SERIES will be kicking off in Barcelona on the 20.05.2013 – stand tight for some epic coverage! Keep yourself up to date with DUB BMX by checking the DUBBMX website! That about wraps this bulletin up… Over and Out – VS Continue reading “Web Video: Loot/DUB Boneyard Sessions!!!”