Locations/Events: Knighton Skatepark (Open Day!!!)

I was just cruising facebook and found a new page for Knighton Skatepark – the park looks to have some good features and is probably a little bit bigger than Newtown Skatepark and a little smaller than Hereford Skatepark! The official opening date for Knighton Skatepark is the 24th of August – this opening day will comprise of a BBQ, Pro Demo and Live Music! – VS Continue reading “Locations/Events: Knighton Skatepark (Open Day!!!)”

/// Link of the Month (July): EVDATH ///

Ladies and Gentlemen, G’s and Hoe’s, may I introduce to you: Evolved Athletic Brand (A.K.A. EV / DATH!). ‘You’re Welcome‘ to CHECK ‘EM OUT HERE!!! For those of you who are in the mix, EV / DATH are a brand that embraces Bicycles, Friends, Culture and Adventure! Click read more to check their mission statement! Continue reading “/// Link of the Month (July): EVDATH ///”