Valleyside ~ Retro sections.

This segments taken from one of the first valleyside videos: “The Final Cut” – Filmed: 2002. The video started off with Mark Theaker who absolutly kills it with; Flips, Whips footplants, BIG 540’s and 180 Hand-plants… It should be noted not only did he produce a killer section but he did it all in under an hour… Result? The next sections a mix-up of the Backyard Jam 2002 (Telford), The Bike Show & Level Vibes. Stand-outs include; Mirron (rare UK appearance), Dan Price (Huge 180 attempt, 25ft?), Phil Dolan (The hardest tricks), Alex Jumalin (Flow), John Heaton (Flip manual) and Matt Hoffman (In Telford!?). Filmed & edited: Chris@Valleyside.

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