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Photos: The Bike Hall Contest (dirtbike.cz)

I was surfing the net and found some really cool photos of the Bike Hall Contest. Full credits to dirtbiker.cz – A great website, featuring both BMX and MTB. Now, if you want to see the photos from the Bike Hall Contest, CLICK HERE!!!

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DECO: Web flicks! – Web Video of the Month/May!!!

Morning followers! Just a quick note to let you know the DECO riders are killing it! – As you would expect really! And here are two really great edits to prove it! In fact, we decided Kelsey Hoog’s edit should be “Web Video of the Month/May”. So, well done Mr Hoog! Mat Olson’s edit is […]

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Redditch Skatepark “Spring Jam”

Killer event, this Saturday, Redditch – Be there, or be square!!! – VS Want to see what Redditch park has to offer? Click here to watch a sweet video!!!

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Photographer of the month/April – Ariel Cruz!

Ladies and Genlemen… It’s been a while since our last “Photographer of the month” (Coco Zurita); and what a treat that was! And this month, we have a very dear friend of Mr Zurita (Insert drum roll); So; may I introduce to you; Cruz, “Ariel Cruz”. Again, Mr Ariel Cruz originates from Chile; and again, […]

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Link of the month/May: BikeHall Contest 2011, by Zuzka ElKloko (dolekop).

I was surfing the net earlier and found this really great video, featuring the Bike Hall Contest. Credits to “Zuzka ElKloko” of “dolekop”. You’ll love the course. CLICK HERE TO VIEW!!!

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Reminder: T-shirts; check ’em; buy ’em!

Yooo!!! Just a reminder, that we have some really cool T-shirts available in our very own store – Ace designs, which are all thanks to Dustin Millard & Dan Margetts…

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The Matti Hemming’s Show…

Matti Hemmings has made the “Top 15” for “Newports Got Talent”; He needs your vote to get into the next round! Hit here to vote Matti! And remember; SUPPORT BRITISH FLATLAND!!!

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Bike Hall Contest, No.7 – The Results.

The BHC crew over in Trutnov did a great job with this years Bike Hall Contest. As expected, the event was brilliant; furthermore, the level of riding surpassed my personal expectations – Exceptional! There will be a more detailed account of the event, along with media, soon! – Until then, check the results! Click image […]

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