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Contest: The Winner of the VP-69 Pedals…

As you may be aware, we’ve been hosting a contest to win a set of ‘VP-69 Pedals‘ – The final winner was Anthony Kingston! Congratulations Mr Kingston – You will be receiving your pedals within the next 5 days!

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Web Video: Dan Lacey 2012 (Federal BMX).

This web video features Dan Lacey shredding the streets! He is also riding the Federal Lacey Frame, which is distibuted through Seventies; and can be purchased through retailers such as Fluid BMX Store!

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Rider News: Linus Welsh on Kis Bike Co and Valleyside flow…

Great bit of rider news – Linus Welsh just got picked up by Kis Bike Co and this is his welcome edit. Kis Bike Co are an awesome UK based company, who are distributed through Scoop BMX. In other related news, Linus is now on Valleyside Flow and will be testing some products shortly! Anyway, good going […]

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Contest: VP-69 pedals – The finalists.

As you may be aware, we’ve been hosting a contest to win a set of ‘VP-69 Pedals‘ – In the end we had seven participants who had correct answers. These were:  Anthony Kingston, Jeff Schrader, Christopher Thornhill, Keith Easom,  Steijn Leijzer, Elliott Staton and Gavin Dau. We also had a few participants who guessed the wrong […]

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Web Video: Down South with Nick Maddocks and Ryan Williams.

Down South with Nick Maddocks and Ryan Williams. from Eyesdown Films on Vimeo. Just came across this sick edit featuring Nick Maddocks and Ryan Williams! Not too much to say really, just a killer edit featuring some dope moves! – Chris@VS

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Web Video: Terrell Middlebrooks breaks leg.

This video has kinda been floating about for a while… But we figured we would run with it anyway! The clip itself features ‘Terrell Middlebrooks’ (of Percent Apparel) attempting a wild gap on street… Shit goes a little wrong and Terrell ends up snapping his leg… This clip is freaking wild! Check it out & […]

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Web Video: Lyons Outdoor Games 2012 (Dirt Highlights).

Lyons Outdoor Games 2012 Dirt Jump Highlights from Tim DaCosta on Vimeo. I was talking to Joel Alamo the other day and he linked me up with this sweet edit. The edit features Joel Alamo’s first ever 720 on Dirt (01.56)! I was seriously impressed with this clip – The dude just looks so loose […]

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Products: Percent Apparel.

Erric Molloy of Percent Apparel just sent over a package containing some of his new designs. My first impressions of the product are good – High quality shirts, good designs and a good print finish – Essentially, everything a good shirt should be. This also means we will be launching some product reviews, hosting some small contests and flowing a few dudes – […]

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Contest: Win a set of VP-69 pedals!!!

As you may be aware, the Valleyside Team were flowed a box of VP-USA pedals to test by VP manager/spokesman Erik Saunders. The VP-USA range features some really nice pedals including the VP-69 pedals! And we will be featuring some product reviews coming up in the not to distant future! In the mean time, we are giving you […]

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Product Review: VP-69 Pedals (PSBMX)

Searching the market for some new aluminium pedals (inc steel pins)? The ‘VP-69‘ pedals are looking to be a market leader! Check out the latest VP-69 review over on PlusSizeBMX – You won’t be disappointed! – Chris@VS.

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