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Web Video & Product News: Tom Villarreal & Sig Frame >>>

Tom Villarreal & Tammy in Los Angeles from tammy jane on Vimeo. This time we have a great web video featuring Tom Villarreal who is currently testing his signature frame!!! Carry on reading to learn all about his signature frame – VS

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Web Video: Madera – Chicago – Fall.

Madera – Tom Villarreal – Spring 2012 from Madera BMX on Vimeo. … Just a dope video featuring some of the DecoBMX riders!!! – VS

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/// New Web Vid: Matt Olson does Colorado (By Pusher) ///

Check out the latest vid by ‘PUSHER BMX’ featuring (Deco/Pusher/ODEE World/Valleyside rider) Mat Olson! Mat is on fire right now… Untitled from PUSHER BMX on Vimeo. In other news, Mat has stepped into Show Business and recently went on tour with Mat Hoffman – Preety crazy! Mat Olson rides the ‘Self-Titled Frame‘, which can be purchased from […]

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Latest ValleySideDistro advert!

Here’s a copy of the latest ValleySideDistro advert, which was designed in house by Dustin Millard. It features in the current edition of Ride and The Albion. Shout-out to all the riders and photographers who were involved. Cheerio – VS

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New-ISH DECO edit, featuring Mat Olson!

Really good edit, featuring Mat Olson (DECO)! Remember to check our store for DECO frames and parts!

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Jon Edwards /// VS-DECO edit in progress!!!

Jon is currently out and about stacking clips  for a new Deco/VS/Naive edit. He sent over a few shots whilst out filming. A Ruben and table out of the wall in Irlam…

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DECO: Web flicks! – Web Video of the Month/May!!!

Morning followers! Just a quick note to let you know the DECO riders are killing it! – As you would expect really! And here are two really great edits to prove it! In fact, we decided Kelsey Hoog’s edit should be “Web Video of the Month/May”. So, well done Mr Hoog! Mat Olson’s edit is […]

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Check ’em out, Deco FuForks…

“Yo – Decided it was time for a few snaps of my snazzy, yet highly functional, Deco FuForks! The quality is immense, check ’em!” – Chris@Valleyside.

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Jon Edwards, Deco flow!

“Yo, Deco just got their first official UK flow rider, in association with Valleyside, his name is Jon Edwards. Jon loves bmx, and he likes to ride most disciplines. As you can see from the photos, he’s injecting his own unique style into his manouvers… Always a treat! Jon’s not just bmx though, Jon has a long […]

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Deco flick…

Unreal DECO mix by Mat Olson. Really, really good, really… Mat Olson MIX DecoBMX from Chad DeGroot/Deco. on Vimeo. … Now buy some DECO stuff from us!

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