Ben Sutor

Ben Sutor has been with us since early 2010… Ben has street vision – He will find the most unlikely/awkward line on street and some how make it work. His skills do not stop on street, his ramp and trails skills are just as epic!

Name – Ben Sutor

D.O.B – 20/06/86

Home Town – Redditch

Goofy or Regular – Regular

Favourite Street Spot – Coventry

Best Hangover cure – Vitamin Water (friut punch revive)

Favourite video section – Van Homan in Criminal Mischief or Chris Bennett in s&m 4

Favourite brand – We The People/Eclat

Last slam – Trying to icepick a rail in Coventry

Favourite riders – Danny Hickerson, Owain Clegg, Brandon Hoerres, Ashley Charles

Current ride – “uncool” pegs, brake, gyro, metal pedals.

Bike check.

Frame – We The People Sleepless 21″ Chet Blacksmith signature

Fork – Odyssey race

Bars – We The People lock stock ashley charles signature

Stem – DK alpha 45mm reach

Headset – full speed ahead

Grips – Eclat Chet Blacksmith

Crank – Eclat tibia 175mm

BB – Eclat cnc

Pedals – DMR v12

sprocket – DK alpha 28t

Seat – eclat complex padded

Seat clamp – built in

Chain – taya heat treated halfords special

Pegs – front-hoffman alloy rear-colony oneway alloy

Brake lever – odyssey m2 meduim

Brake – eclat unit

Gyro – snafu moebeus

Cables – odyssey m2 upper, 2 odyssey slicks with gear cable inners and london mod lower

Front rim – primo balance 7000

Rear rim – odyssey 7k

Spokes – halo plain guage

Front hub – proper 2009 female axle

Rear hub – eclat tech 9t with Simple wheel slammers

Front tyre – khe mac 2 dirt

Rear tyre – tioga factory fs100