Dustin Millard

Meet Mr Olson’s partner in crime, Mr Dustin Millard! Dustin has also just dropped a sweet line of t-shirts, visit our online store to check ’em..

Name: Dustin Millard

D.O.B: January 18th 1988
Home Town: Lake Havasu City, AZ
Goofy or Regular: Regular
Favourite Street Spot: All trails!!!!

Best Hangover cure: The Devil’s Lettuce
Favourite video section: Van Homan’s part in Criminal Mischief.
Favourite brands: Blacken, Pusher, S&M.
Last slam: Been pretty lucky lately actually.. Knock on wood!

Favourite riders: Clint Reynolds, Van Homan, Mike Aitken.

Current ride: S&M Dirtbike.