Matt Stiles

Matt Stiles has been a part of the clan since 2009! – He’s a dedicated rider who enjoys all aspects of BMX and the lifestyle. Matt will be offering a new perspective to Valleyside by contributing some US news. When he’s not broke-off, Mat will also be collecting some clips for a Valleyside web edit which will be available soon (or sometime this decade!), Cheers Matt. – Vs


name – Matt Stiles

d.o.b – 26/06/85

hometown – Templeton, CA.

goofy (or) regular – regular.

best street spot – cal poly college town over from me.

best hangover cure – more beer.

best bmx section – dave young (nowhere fast).

fav brands – hell on earth, coalition.

last trick you took it hard for – airing way to high and flat bottom to back breaker.

fav riders – my close friends, ian munroe, sean emery.

current ride – nice street/trails set up behemoth style.