Oliver Kravets

Oliver Kravetz: Olly K is a busy man – He is currently in the process of gaining copyright potection for his detatchable bmx snow plough… Well, okay, I made that last bit up. He’s actually probaly working on his local DIY skatepark or throwing barspins combos… All good! For 2011 Oliver will be testing “AME” grips, through ValleySideDistro. – VS

name – oliver kravets

d.o.b – 27.01.1988

hometown – viljandi

goofy (or) regular – regular

best street spot – ugala theatre has some stuff

best hangover cure – weed or water lol

best bmx section – nigel sylvesters part from skavenger is pretty sweet

fav brands – sunday parts are nice

last trick you took it hard for – landed on my ass with a whip.. it hurt

fav riders – scott ditchburn doe