Sam Ward

For those of you who’ve been living under a rock for the last 100 years, may I introduce; Mr Sam Ward – Sam shreds everything he rides, which has led to him achieving legendary status in the UK, and beyond! This is mainly down to the fact he’s not afraid to go higher and faster than his rivals, and can take the most dramatic of consequences (see gap!)… Be it 10ft above the coping, or 10 tequilas back at the club, on thing is for sure: ‘Fortune favours the brave’… So all the best mate! Sam will be testing both AME and Vendetta products during 2011 – VS

name-sam ward
goofy or reg-regular
fav street spot-police bank(thats how long i aint rode street in)
hangover cure-runny eggs an loadsa coffee
fav vid section- morgan wade on time well spent
fav brand-redline
last slam- the other night pulled out to much on a down whip air landed heavy front wheel, went over the bars smashed another lid to bits and broke me ankle.
fav riders-mirra, bestwick, hoffman, mirron, hennon, all the people i ride with they know who they are and anyone smashin its head in basically
current ride- redline device draped in the best bits money can buy