Bike Check: Ashley Finlay.

/// Name: Ashley Finlay /// Support: Impurity Bikes, Charge Clothing & Hardcore Hobbies. ///

Bike Spec:

– Frame: Impurity Mirage v.2 (Red).
– Forks: Impurity Factory Forks (Chrome).
– Headset: Impurity Sealed Integrated Headset.
– Stem: Federal Front Loader.
– Bars: Impurity Styr Bars.
– Grips: ODI Black.
– Bar Ends: Odyssey.
– Brake lever: Odyssey M2.
– Brake Cable: Odyssey M2.
– Brake caliper: éclat  (Chrome).
– Brake pads: Vocal Screech Pads.
– Gyro: Impurity Detangular (Chrome).
– Chain: KMC Kool Chain so strong!!!
– Sprocket: éclat in Black.
– Cranks: BB set: Impurity Bikes 19mm Sealed.
– Pedals: Demolition In Black.
– Seatpost: Impurity Bike (Chrome)  Seatpost.
– Seat: Joe teck fat-seat.
– Front tire: Maxxis Grifter.
– Front rim: Alienation Skylark (black).
– Front hub: Demolition (black).
– Rear Rim: Odyssey 7 ka 2013 (black).
– Rear tire: Maxxis in black.
– Rear hub: Profile Elite Hub 9t (black).
– Pegs: Peg-less at the moment.

How many tubes do you go through? Roughly 2 a month I would say.

What tire pressure do you run? Around about 85-90!

Do you ever modify your bike to ride different styles? Mostly stays the same maybe the seat here or there nothing major!

What tools do you take riding? Everything I need so I always have what I need! Spanners, Allen-keys a spoke tool, spare tubes! So happy with how my bike feels at the moment – it’s so responsive and takes a good beating!!!

Thanks to? I would like to say thank you very much to Impurity Bikes for giving me the freshest ride I could ask for! Andy at Charge Clothing for keeping me fresh through the year and the boys down at Hardcore Hobbies for always sorting me out and being a real help!!!

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