Bike Check: Chris Jackson

/// Name: Chris Jackson // Support/Hook-ups: Purchased parts from Slam69 and have had an amazing service from them, massive thanks! // Frame: Dartmoor Yuki (2012) // Forks: Primo (Dartmoor Satio Forks on the way!) // Headset: Odyssey // Stem: BSD Frontloader // Bars: Amity RD // Grips: Dartmoor Shamman // Bar ends: Dartmoor // Brake lever: Eclat Brake // Cable: Odyssey Uppers+Lowers (White) // Brake caliper: Eclate 2012 U-Brake // Brake pads: Odyssey Clears // Chain: YBN Halflink Gold // Sprocket: Federal 28T // Cranks: Dartmoor Flair // BB set: Dartmoor Spanish // Pedals: Dartmoor Stream // Seatpost: Fit (cut down) // Seat: Federal Slim (Black/Black) // Front tire: KHE MAC 2 Dirt // Front rim: Cinema 333 // Front hub: Cinema // Rear Rim: Odyssey 7KA // Rear tire: KHE MAC 2 Street // Rear hub: Profile Totum // Pegs: None ///

How many tubes do you go through? None very many, I think I have good luck with tubes!

How hard do you tighten your axles? As tight as they will go!

What tire pressure do you run? 90-100 PSI, super fast!

Do you ever modify your bike to ride different styles? I mostly stick to park and trails. My set-up is basically perfect!

What tools do you take riding? Everything I need: Spanners, Allen-Keys, Spoke Key, Chain tool, brake/chain spares!

Thanks to? Graham at Slam69 for providing some of the sickest products on the market! everyone who has helped me in the past and in the future! And a shout out to Cozzy Locals – Always pushing each other even if in different sports!

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