/// Bike Check: Chris Smith (Impurity Bike Co) ///

/// Name: Chris Smith // Supporters: Impurity Bike Co, Slam 69 & Fluid BMX Store ///

Bike Spec…

Frame: The “FEMUR” Frame (Special Edition) / www.impuritybike.com.

Forks: DartBMX “Saito II” Forks (Chrome) / www.dartbmx.com / www.slam69.co.uk.

Headset: Dartmoor “OEM Prime” (Chrome) / www.slam69.co.uk.

Stem: Eclat “Boxer” Stem / www.fluidbmx.co.uk.

Bars: WTP “Patron” Bars (Chrome) / www.fluidbmx.co.uk.

Bar-Pad: Renthal.

Grips: AME / www.amegrips.com.

Bar ends: AME / www.amegrips.com.

Chain: Dartmoor “Core Lite” Chain / www.slam69.co.uk.

Sprocket: FIT “Key Guard” Sprocket (28t) / www.fluidbmx.co.uk.

Cranks: Sputnic “Playback Cranks” / www.zealbmx.com.

BB set: Impurity bike Co (Mid/19mm) / www.impuritybike.com.

Pedals: Dartmoor “Cookie” Pedals / www.slam69.co.uk.

Seat-post/Seat: Dartmoor “Lite” Combo / www.slam69.co.uk.

Seat Cover: “Gel Padding” / www.ebay.co.uk.

Front tire: Odyssey “Chase Hawk” Tyre (2.4″) / www.fluidbmx.co.uk.

Front rim: Sputnic “Forward” Rim (36h) / www.zealbmx.com.

Front hub: DartBMX “Razor” Street / www.slam69.co.uk.

Rear Rim: Sputnic “Forward” Rim (36h) / www.zealbmx.com.

Rear tire: Odyssey “Chase Hawk” Tyre (2.4″) / www.fluidbmx.co.uk.

Rear hub: DartBMX “Razor” Hub / www.slam69.co.uk.

Pegs: Primo.

How many tubes do you go through? It varies on karma! Sometimes they last several months – on other occasions they last a day!

What tire pressure do you run? Between 70psi and 100psi.

Do you ever modify your bike to ride different styles? Yes! I switch from 4 pegs to 2 pegs to no pegs… Sometimes I run the rear end a little longer… And sometimes I throw a rear break on! I also have a Renthal Bar Pad in place!

What tools do you take riding? 17mm Sprocket along with the bar and ratchet… A 6mm Allen-Key… Some patches or a spare tube!

Thanks to? Impurity Bikes, SlamMan @ Slam69, Elliott @ Fluid BMX Store, Erik @ VP-USA, Keith @ FBC and Scott @ Vendetta Brand.


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