Bike Check: Daián De Medeiros

Name: Daián De Medeiros.
Support/Hook-ups: Impurity Bikes, Breackless BCN, Pinzat Bags and Velo Shoes.

Bike Check…

– Frame: Impurity Bikes / Mirrage (Limited Edition).
– Fork: Impurity Bikes Factory Fork.
– Headset: Impurity Bikes.
– Stem: Odyssey Classic Top-Load.
– Bars: Shadow Vultus 8,5.
– Grips: ODI.
– Bar-ends: Odyssey Plastic.
– Brake lever: /
– Brake Cable: /
– Brake caliper: /
– Brake pads: /
– Chain: KMC.
– Sprocket: Odyssey 30t.
– Cranks: Impurity Bikes.
– BB set: Impurity Bikes.
– Pedals: Odyssey JC/PC.
– Seatpost: Impurity Bikes.
– Seat: Eclat
– Front tire: Fit Bikes / 2.25.
– Front rim: Eclat Jaw.
– Front hub: Primo Pro.
– Rear Rim: Eclat Jaw.
– Rear tire: Animal GLH / 2.25.
– Rear hub: We The People Supreme / LH9.
– Pegs: Odyssey.

How many tubes do you go through? Wear double tube in my tire … What if it breaks someday!!!

What tire pressure do you run? 4k / 60 bars.

Do you ever modify your bike to ride different styles? No.

What tools do you take riding? No.

Any shout-outs? I wanted to thank “Brotherhood 3.14” People of “La Traba”, A Friend of Arc they know what I mean!
24/7 Crew, Pinzat Bags, Dolce & Sam, My girlfriend Berta.  And Impurity Bikes for their support these last 3 years of my life!
And Tell all the guys that start .. If every day you practice a trick in 30 days you have 30 tricks! Thanks for this Bike Check!

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