Bike Check: Impurity Bike Co / Harry Bartter.

Name: Harry Bartter ///  Sponsors: Impurity Bike Co, Monster Skatepark, Elevated Perspective Apparel ///

Bike Specification: –

Frame: Impurity Bike HAF 20.7 // Forks: Impurity Pro Fork V2 // Headset: Impurity // Stem: Primo Aneyerlator V.2 // Bars: Impurity STYR // Grips: Cult vans waffle // Bar ends: Cult // Brake lever: Odyssey M2 // Brake Cable: Impurity Dual-Cable // Brake calliper: Mankind Truth // Brake pads: Kool-stop // Chain: KMC half link // Sprocket: Cult OS // Cranks: Impurity with Ti Spindle // BB set: Impurity // Pedals: Demolition Trooper PC // Seatpost: Premium // Seat: Shadow Solus Penumbra // Front tire: Fit FAF-K 2.25 // Front rim: Alienation Deviant // Front hub: Profile Totem // Rear Rim: G-Sport Birdcage // Rear tire: Fit FAF-K 1.95 // Rear hub: Profile Totem // Pegs: None ///

How many tubes do you go through? None recently, but when i pop my tube they usually pop in threes.

What tire pressure do you run? 80 PSI

Do you ever modify your bike to ride different styles? Not really, I just ride the setup that I’m into

What tools do you take riding? DK Random Wrench V2

Thanks to?, Family and friends!

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