Bike Check: Impurity Bikes, Mirrage V.2 / Zacahrya Dangerfield.

/// Name: Zacahrya Dangerfield /// Sponsors: Impurity Bike Co, LKI Clothing, Vibe Energy ///

Bike Specification: –
Frame: Impurity Bikes, Mirrage v2.
Forks: Impurity Bikes, Pro Fork v2.
Headset: Impurity Bikes, Integrated Threadless Headset.
Stem: Colony Topload.
Bars: S&M Perfect 10’s.
Grips: ODI’s.
Bar ends: ODI’s.
Brake lever: None.
Brake Cable: None.
Brake calliper: None.
Brake pads: None.
Chain: Shadow Conspiracy Half link chain.
Sprocket: Profile Racing.
Cranks: Profile 185mm.
BB set: Impurity Bikes, 19mm Mid BB.
Pedals: Premium Slim PC Pedals.
Seatpost: Affix One Piece.
Seat: Affix One Piece.
Front tire: KHE Street. 
Front rim: Macneil Dub.
Front hub: Profile Mini.
Rear Rim: G-Sport Ribcage.
Rear tire: KHE Street.
Rear hub: Profile Elite.
Pegs: 1 Colony 1 Fly.
How are you adjusting to the Mirrage v2 frame? Its incredible, I haven’t enjoyed riding a frame as much as this one! Its everything I could have asked for.
What made you choose this frame in particular? (I.e. Geometry, etc?) The length and the shorter back end from what I was used to I think is what caught my eye. 
Are you planning any contests this year? I was hoping to be able to head over to America this year and ride there for a while again, hoping to come across some contests.
How long have you been riding? 5 years now, coming up 6 this year!
Thanks to? To everyone that has supported me the whole time I have been riding, including Impurity Bike Co, LKI Clothing and Vibe Energy!

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