Bike check: Maciej Kiwak (Dartmoor Bikes)

Sweet Ride...


Frame: Dartmoor “Yuki” 2011 (prototype)/ Forks: Dartmoor “Saito” 2011 (prototype)/ Headset: Dartmoor “Chakra”/ Stem: Dartmoor “Reflect”/ Bars: Dartmoor “Flow” 2011 (prototype)/ Grips: Dartmoor “Shamann” 2011 (prototype)/ Chain: Dartmoor “Core Light”/ Sprocket: Dartmoor “Trance”/ Cranks: Dartmoor “Keipo” with Titanium axle and Titanium bolts/ Bottom Bracket set:  Dartmoor Spanish BB/ Pedals: Dartmoor “Cookie” 2011 (prototype)/ Seat-post clamp: Integrated “Strawberry” type clamp/ Seatpost: Eclat “Complex”/ Seat: Eclat “Complex”/ Front tire: KHE “Mac 2 Dirt”/ Front rim: Dartmoor “Raider” 32h/ Spokes: “Sapim” Laser Butted and Dartmoor Alloy Nipples/ Front hub: Dartmoor “B-Two”/ Rear rim: Dartmoor “Fortress 36h”/ Spokes: “Sapim” Laser Butted and Dartmoor Alloy Nipples/ Rear Tire: KHE “Mac 1.5 Park”/ Rear Hub: Dartmoor “B-One” (8t)/ Rear Break: Fly Bike/ Brake Pads: Fly Bikes/ Gyro: Dartmoor “Spinner”/ Brake Lever: Eclat/ Weight: Used to be light as hell (about 7,8 kg running break-less). Right now, with brake, gyro and all the other components it weights about 8.3-8.4 kg.

Built to resist the elements...

What parts do you trash the most? I’m wearing through grips a lot and I’ve already broke a few crank sets whilst riding.

Who supports you? Dartmoor Bikes.

Any modifications, etc? Yeah. I’m a fan of  cutting-down, so I always cut hub’s axles and nuts and I also the bars, seat-post the fork’s steerer tube and grip flanges. Except for those I’ve got a nice upper cable modification installed for the gyro. It’s greatly improved (less resistant) than the regular gyro cables…

Are you very selective on how rolls? I think the answer is preety much yes – I hate to have anything loose when riding, everything must be properly tightened.

Check the t.t height in relation to Maciej's knee!
"The Wood Are Talking"
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Maciej Kiwak Jednodniowy Trailer from WLBN on Vimeo.

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