/// Bike Check: Zafrin Shah B Sabikin ~ Impurity Bike Co ///

/// Name: Zafrin Shah B Sabikin /// Sponsors: Vans Malaysia and Impurity Bike Co ///


Frame: Impurity HAF Frame.
Forks: Impurity F13 Fork.
Headset: FSA.
Stem: Mutant Bike Stem.
Bars: BSD WZA Bar.
Grips: Fiend.
Bar ends: /
Brake lever: ODYSSEY.
Brake Cable: Rock Bike (HaHaHa!).
Brake Caliper: Demolition.
Brake pads: Demolition.
Chain: Cult.
Sprocket: Shadow.
Cranks: Impurity Bike Co.
BB set: Colony.
Pedals: United.
Seatpost: Mestic.
Seat: Mestic.
Front tire: Ruben Tire.
Front rim: United Set Rim.
Front hub: Fly Bikes.
Rear Rim: Dartmoor Rim.
Rear tire: Demolition.
Rear hub: Dartmoor / DartBMX.
Pegs: Macneil up front / Animal Bike Co on the rear.

How many tubes do you go through? Who knows! But I am riding two right now!
What tire pressure do you run? 125psi.
Do you ever modify your bike to ride different styles? Never!!!
What tools do you take riding? 17mm socket!!!
Thanks to? Special thanks to Impurity Bike Co and Vans Malaysia! Also, thanks to Primary Bike for additional support! Finally, Me, Mom and Dad!

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