// News: Hereford Skatepark currently undergoing ‘Phase 4’ revamp! //

We recently made a quick visit to Hereford Skatepark (by ‘Wheeled Sports 4 Hereford‘ / ‘WS4H‘) and discovered the park is currently undergoing a massive “Phase 4” revamp. In short, the outer perimeter of the skatepark is currently being expanded and the designs look fantastic (see below):

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// Park Life: Greystone Action Sports (Manchester, UK) //

We got to check out GREYSTONE ACTION SPORTS earlier this year and can honestly say that it’s a first class venue. The facilities main focus seems to clearly be BMX riders and skaters/scooters. In addition, the facility also has a Rock Climbing & Bouldering Room, a Trampoline and a Café. The rest of the text and video used in the article have been sourced from the Greystone Action Sports website – VS

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Y-Trallwng Skatepark Designs by ValleySideDistro (Design Proposal.3)

This is our third and final set of design visualisations (for the time being). You can see our first set of

designs HERE; and our second set of designs HERE. The Third Design features on-site car parking for

users of the facility and pubic services. Once again, these are only design ideas and in no way intended

to represent the final scheme design. Everyone has been encouraged to contribute ideas or designs for

consideration by the council and committee. If you visit our two earlier skatepark articles you will be able to find details on who to contact for more info.

Thanks for reading! – VS

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Y-Trallwng Skatepark Designs by ValleySideDistro (Design Proposal.2)

“The Town Council has confirmed that a new state-of-the-art facility will be built by specialists Canvas, and that the town’s users will have the opportunity to play their part in its design and delivery.” – MyWelshpool.

“The bottom line is that we can expect to have a really good skatepark here in Welshpool by the end of next year (2024) at the latest,” – Welshpool Cllr, N.Howells, Town Mayor.

“The Town Council has struggled to find a company willing to take on the work, but a site meeting with Canvas has resulted in the specialist bespoke Skatepark designers and installers, getting the job. The work will start soon, with a detailed consultation process to be carried out over the coming months with the skaters and potential skaters, leading to drafts and final design selection.” MyWelshpool.

So without further ado, please check out our second conceptual scheme for Y-Trallwng Skatepark. Nb. Once again these are un-official design concepts, which have been generated in-house at ValleySideDistro. They are not to be mistaken for any content generated by Canvas or P.C.C. – Valleyside.

50/50 ‘Crete & Skatelite

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Y-Trallwng Skatepark Designs by ValleySideDistro (Design Proposal.1)

As you may or may not be aware ‘Y-Trallwng Parc Sglefrio’ has been given the go ahead with an 18 month deadline. The council have appointed a very reputable skatepark design and construction company. The design and build company has a fantastic portfolio of skateparks under their umbrella. With any hope the final skatepark/plaza will make provisions for shelter and flood lights. The public have been invited to contribute their design ideas for the park. Here at ValleySideDistro we decided to generate a few design solutions to add to the mix! These are prospective ideas and concepts and in no way are they intended to fool you into thinking they are final/official designs. We are doing this for the greater good of the democracy. Thanks for reading and hit ‘Continue reading’ to see more!

Design Proposal One:

Hybrid: Skatelite X Concrete

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/// Product News: NEW “GLYNDWR” Frame by Impurity & Valleyside! ///

Check out the new CO-LAB frame by IMPURITY & VALLEYSIDE:
Tech Details:
– H.T.A = 75.5 Degrees.
– T.T.L = 21.06″.
– B.B (Height) = 11.37″.
– C.S.L = 13.5″.
– Seat Tube Angle = 68.5 Degrees.
– STL c2c = 243mm.
– Mid Bottom Bracket.
– No Brake Lugs or Brake Kit!
The frame is available to buy now for £269.99! To arrange purchase email:

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/// Product News: Valleyside X Impurity Street Frame ///

Chris Smith test riding the first VIA prototype by Impurity Bike Co.
Chris Smith test riding one of the first prototype frames by Impurity Bike Co.

Words by Chris Smith…

Throughout 2015 I have been involved in the development of a new street frame by Impurity Bike Co. The initial motivation behind this project was to create a frame that is: A) Robust enough for burly modern day street and ramp riding with; B) Sensible angles and geometry for nose manuals, regular manuals, grinds, airs and; C) To be visually appealing.
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Event: Bike Hall Contest #17 (Official Poster)

The Bike Hall Contest just released the poster for their 11th Event this May! The event is sponsored by some of the best brands in BMX including labels like Valleyside, Impurity Bike Co and Fat BMX! Any UK rider who is serious about riding competitions should look into this event today. The course rules! – VS


Web Videos: Raw Footage from Flatland Jam at Vibrations Urbaines #17 (2014)

I only just found the time to upload this ‘Raw Cut’ style edit of the Flatland Jam at the Vibration Urbaines #17 Event! Last year we were a Media Partner with the Event and this year we are hoping to throw in some prizes! More edits from the event soon! – VS

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