Product News: The ‘VP VARIAL’ Headset (VP-USA)

One of the latest breakthroughs in the Mtb industry is the ‘VP VARIAL’ adjustable headset by VP Components – The headset allows 3 degrees of head angle adjustment – Fresh Huh!? The headset itself has been designed to allow 3 degrees of trail side adjustment! Furthermore, the stem can be adjusted within two minutes! Voila: The mountain biker now has a headset that can easily be dialled to the handling characteristics required – NICE!

Now the question… How long will it be before we see a BMX rider rocking one of these headsets??? A product like this could be very useful indeed to the modern day flatland rider – When working on front wheel tricks the headset angle could be set steeper; and vice-versa for rear wheel tricks! Obviously it could be used for street riding if could be proven to be strong enough – Again, mint when the time comes to to drop that (as Chad Degroot would say) “Front Wheel Boogie”!

Ps. Drop us a line if your a retailer interested in ordering VP Comoponents – Chris@VS

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Web Vid: Ben Hennon – Hoffman Bikes ‘Our House’.

Ben Hennon – Hoffman ‘Our House’ Edit from Seventies Distribution on Vimeo.

What we have here is the latest ‘Our House’ edit featuring Ben Hennon – It’s been produced by Mike King) for SEVENTIES to celebrate the release of Ben Hennons signature frame, the ‘Lady Luck’. In short, the videos amazing! And no doubt the frame is ace!

Oh, I nearly forgot, Mr Hennon rolls in Urban Kreation jeans – Available here! Continue reading “Web Vid: Ben Hennon – Hoffman Bikes ‘Our House’.”

News: Film/ Too Small Bikes 2

Remember Julius from a while back? Well he just dropped ‘Too Small Bikes Two’! Check it out…

… Some of the best flatland riding in Europe!!! – VS

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/// New Web Vid: Matt Olson does Colorado (By Pusher) ///

Check out the latest vid by ‘PUSHER BMX’ featuring (Deco/Pusher/ODEE World/Valleyside rider) Mat Olson! Mat is on fire right now…

Untitled from PUSHER BMX on Vimeo.

In other news, Mat has stepped into Show Business and recently went on tour with Mat Hoffman – Preety crazy! Mat Olson rides the ‘Self-Titled Frame‘, which can be purchased from the valleyside store section!

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/// News: Boneyard Website & Promo ///

Just got this email from Jon Edwards (of Dig/Naive/Trail Kill fame!):

Hey Chris,

I know yourself and Valleyside have supported the Boneyard over the years. The place has gone through a lot of changes of late, all for the better and continues to improve and support all locally.

Just wondered if it would be possible to mention they have a new website up over at: and a new promo video, shot by Andrew Lawrence:

Hope your well!

Kind Regards

Jon Edwards” …

The Promo…

Boneyard: After Hours from Andrew Lawrence on Vimeo.

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Web video of the Month/Feb: ‘goonFM: The Urban Kreation Product Review’.

Now this next one is a ‘How-To’ on conducting an interesting product review! It also stars the Dirty Sanchez Crew (well, some of them!). So, it’s official – Urban Kreation Jeans are fork proof! – VS

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New Web Vid – Valleyside rep Dominic Phillips & Akin Hercules Walker…

Just a sweet vid featuring riding from Valleyside rep Dominic Phillips and his friend, Akin Hercules Walker – Just goes to show that Dominic has woppers on lock and Akin Hercules Walker is getting serious with his tech/opposite. Enjoy – VS

Akin Hercules Walker & Dominic Phillips from Tom Frimley on Vimeo.

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Product news: ‘Urge Bike Products’ to release new helmet range!!!

Urge Bike Products have some really cool new helmets about to drop! My personal favourite is the ‘Urge Real Jet Model’, which has also received a good review over on Pink Bike. The new urge helmets will be available from a range of shops, including my personal favourite, Slam69!!!

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Locations: Amsterdam Skatepark >>>

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Back in December I travelled over to Holland for The Rebel Jam. I was lucky enough to spend some time in Amsterdam prior to the contest in Eidenhoven – One of the highlights of my stay in Amsterdam was being granted a private session at ‘Amsterdam Skatepark‘. This was a good oppourtunity to ride an empty skatepark! And I was really impressed with the facility – The ramp quality was high and the design was fun to ride – It definetly had a ‘street’ bias due to the fact it’s primarily a skateboard park (it’s only open on a Wednesday night for BMX riders!). Also, some of the Qtr pipes are a little slacker than your typical transition. When you’re not on your bike you can chill out in the lounge/bar where you can enjoy a good range of food and drink. All in all, ace skatepark, don’t miss it! – VS

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