// News: Hereford Skatepark currently undergoing ‘Phase 4’ revamp! //

We recently made a quick visit to Hereford Skatepark (by ‘Wheeled Sports 4 Hereford‘ / ‘WS4H‘) and discovered the park is currently undergoing a massive “Phase 4” revamp. In short, the outer perimeter of the skatepark is currently being expanded and the designs look fantastic (see below):

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Locations: Amsterdam Skatepark >>>

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Back in December I travelled over to Holland for The Rebel Jam. I was lucky enough to spend some time in Amsterdam prior to the contest in Eidenhoven – One of the highlights of my stay in Amsterdam was being granted a private session at ‘Amsterdam Skatepark‘. This was a good oppourtunity to ride an empty skatepark! And I was really impressed with the facility – The ramp quality was high and the design was fun to ride – It definetly had a ‘street’ bias due to the fact it’s primarily a skateboard park (it’s only open on a Wednesday night for BMX riders!). Also, some of the Qtr pipes are a little slacker than your typical transition. When you’re not on your bike you can chill out in the lounge/bar where you can enjoy a good range of food and drink. All in all, ace skatepark, don’t miss it! – VS

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Reviews: BizHouse ‘GYM’ Grips (By Navid Saleki)

Yo!!! I recently purchased a set of  “BizHouse GYM Grips” – Guess what!? THEY RULE!!! I think I was breaking the mold when I purchased a set – I say this because they’re designed by flatlanders for flatlanders; I’ll be using them for street, ramp, etc… Anyway, they make X-up grinds easier! And they certainly look FRESH. I actually first saw GYM grips being used by Navid Saleki; So, I thought Navid Saleki would be the ideal rider, to issue a full review of them. I’ll pass you onto Mr Saleki – Chris@VS

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