Check ’em out, Deco FuForks…

“Yo – Decided it was time for a few snaps of my snazzy, yet highly functional, Deco FuForks! The quality is immense, check ’em!” – Chris@Valleyside.

1pc. machined steerer, inc integrated headset race & machined blades - Making life easier!

5mm thick drop-outs (light), 3/8 drop-out slots, laser etched DECO logo!
These FuForks Inc removable break tabs! Nb. classic tabless versions available.
Compression bolt, inc hole, easy cable-routing due increased dia.
Colour: Metal Orange. Availability: Metal Orange/Metal Blue/Raw/Grey/Black.

One thing they don’t promote other at Deco, is how light these puppies actually are. And when you have riders like Mat Olson riding them (successfully!), you know weight is’nt being reduced at the expense of strength! Wanna further check ’em?..

* Shout-out to Chad @ Deco.

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