Contest: Flatland/Street Video Contest (By Flat Squirrel BMX!)

Yes, that’s right, you heard correctly; ‘Flat Squirrel BMX‘ will be hosting an online video battle – The prize? You get to rep Flat Squirrel BMX! And of course you win some prizes! Hit the ‘Read More’ button for more details, or head on over to Flat Squirrel BMX – VS

“UK Flatland Edit Comp

UK Flatland Edit Competition

Got a competition. Because there seems to be a lack of UK flatland video`s about we are starting a competition.

Upload and post your own videos of flatland you and your mates are doing in the UK to our facebook page by the midnight, 23rd March and you will then be entered into a competition, then I want everybody to vote for their favourite video.

We will then have a week for voting, up until the 30th March.

The winner will be announced on the Saturday 31st march.
1st prize: Autum Zero Flatland Forks

2nd prize: Deco Plastic Pedals

3rd prize: Deco Logo Grips

There will also be a prize for non UK Flatland Videos that are posted!

Non UK Videos will only have a 1st prize as the contest is mainly for the UK flatlanders!!

Non UK Prize will be: pair of Autum Bamos pegs (We will probabley through a T-Shirt also)

We will post here after they have been uploaded onto our Facebook Events page” – Flat Squirrel BMX

Brighton Flatland from Dwin FlatLand on Vimeo.

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