Contest Report: UK Flatland Championships (by Matthew Dyer!)

As you may know, ValleySideDistro co-sponsored the recent UK Flatland Championships – An event coordinated by Matti Hemmings (Welsh Pro Flatander). We made contact with Matthew Dyer (Welshside/Magazine Journalist) who produced the following report…

It’s been Matti Hemmings dream for a long time to get a flatland event in Wales. A year or more has passed since his initial dream, but with quitting his day job to ride for a living, Matti has wised up to the world and learned the in’s and out’s of what it would take to get the event rolling.

With a stage provided and installed in a public place in Newport city centre (as part of the Big Splash festival) all we needed was dry weather. In Wales you don’t always get that but luckily for us the sun shone most of the day – A good day was had by all. The public don’t get to see bmx much in Wales, flatland bmx is even more underground so it was good to see it showcased for everyone for free.

Matti tried to think of everything so the riders that made the trip and entered were well catered for with free food and refreshments, free parking for the day and no fee for competing. Due to the number of competitors it was decided that everyone entered in one group. Lee Musselwhite took the win, with loads of megaspin combo’s and classic tricks, that only Lee can do.

Steve Green from London took home both cash prizes for best trick and longest to stay on a funky chicken (it was mayhem on the stage with 9 riders taking each other out doing ‘em in circles). Every rider took home something as a prize for competing; and there were many categories – best old school trick, etc had a prize of some sort.

All in all, Matti can now relax after the stress of organizing the event. Everyone had a great time, met new faces, witnessed great riding; and already, the organizers are looking to do it again next year. The general public strolling through town loved it. Well done Matti!

Thanks to all the sponsors- Eastpak, Dephect clothing, EC Cycles (for the cash prizes), Crucialbmx, Oner Signs, Infinity Powerbands, Odessa Shoes and ValleySideDistro.” – Matthew Dyer

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