Contest: VP-69 pedals – The finalists.

As you may be aware, we’ve been hosting a contest to win a set of ‘VP-69 Pedals‘ – In the end we had seven participants who had correct answers. These were:  Anthony Kingston, Jeff Schrader, Christopher Thornhill, Keith EasomSteijn Leijzer, Elliott Staton and Gavin Dau. We also had a few participants who guessed the wrong answers; nevermind, better luck next time! A list of the participants has been sent to Joel Alamo – Mr Alamo will be picking the winner out of a hat! Stay tuned!

For anyone who cares the answers were:  1 a,   2 b,    3 c,    4 a,    5 c,    6 c,    7c,    8 c,    9 c,     10 c.   


Chris Smith testing VP Components…

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