Cookie Jam – And guess who won!?

The ‘Cookie Jam’ recently took place… Guess who won? Nope, not me, but Mr Ollie Palmer (Sugar Bikes/WeAreLevel/Valleyside) – And a bloody good show at that! Congratulations Ollie! – VS

“Every year Jamie Skinner along with the rest of the Exeter locals put on a jam for their friend Jamie Bruce (Cookie) who unfortunately passed away back in 2009.

There were a few additions made to their local park, one being ‘the fool’ ramp which had a striking resemblance to a ramp at a recent Nike 6.0 event.                                                            I

I was luckily there this year and managed to film a few clips. I didn’t film everything but did manage to catch most of the good stuff that went down. enjoy

RIP Jamie” – Callum Earnshaw

Nb. Read full contest results on

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