Event: The Ripping And The Tearing Jam!

Robbie Meade over at ‘The Ripping And The Tearing‘ just sent in a flyer, for the ‘The Ripping And Tearing Jam‘ – In fact, he re-edited a flyer just for our website – Very Kind!

The Ripping And Tearing Jam (Poster produced by Robbie Meade)

The Ripping And Tearing crew have sourced prizes from a variety of sponsors, including Valleyside.Robbie Meade also produced a short trailer for the event; again, Robbie re-edited the trailer, exclusively for Valleyside!

I checked in with Robbie to find out a little more:

“A jam to get as many people down to welshpool skatepark as possible and to have lots of fun.
Music and food hopefully!

£2 to be in with a chance of winning prizes.

Competitions so far:
Best trick
Weirdest/techest trick
Biggest air
Stupidest bail
and the classic highest hop” – Robbie Meade

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