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Just got an email from Maciej Kiwak > Looks like it’s time for a video battle > Check out the ‘BMX Video League‘ > Our Link of the Month/August!!!


The idea of organizing ‘BMX Video League’ came up some time ago, when we pointed out the fact there were more and more single edits based around the rules of  ‘B.I.K.E’.

Our intention is to bring together all like-minded people into one space, giving them a simple option to register a profile, which showcases a fun-tastic BMX edit. What’s more, we don’t want to restrict this contest only to the Polish riders – So it’s open to riders worldwide… All of you are welcome!

We also know, the contest requires prizes – They mobilize the action! Therefore, we have prepared for you the money prizes worth 1250 Euros. Besides we have prizes from our sponsors which are worth almost 2500 Euros!

We want to mobilize the local scene to show its finest riders; and to prove to the world that the Polish bmx scene has the potential and is worthy of attention! We also want to see riders from around the globe, showing us their skills, bikes and spots.

So grab your bikes, cameras and go get some footage !

Show us your real passion !” – BMX Video League


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