/// Link of the Month (Dec): ODEE World///

This months link goes to “ODEE World” – A label for those who love hitting it up! Whether it’s Mountain Biking, BMX, Snowboarding, Climbing or Canooing (amongst others), ODEE World has the answer. Check it out…

About Odee World:

 “ODEE World, Inc. is a team of energetic people who share a love of all things outdoors. We offer a more refined form of self expression not often found in the world of Extreme Sports, and because we never use offensive slogans or graphics our apparel can be worn at play or to the office.ODEE World

Our concept began as a dream to provide the outdoor enthusiast with apparel options that represent their lifestyle, without becoming a billboard ad for some destination or manufacturer. A dream that has been years in the making. As a result of a personal struggle to find quality apparel that combines pride in a lifestyle with wearability in every day life, and the need to get out of the construction field due to the economy, Derek Jensen, the Owner of ODEE World, Inc., made 2009 the year to bring his dream to the market place.

At ODEE World, our vision is to fill a niche that as active lifestyle enthusiasts, we feel is underserved. We have created a brand that looks great and is durable, yet affordable. Join our ExtreMe community, and get your ODEE on!!!”


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