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Ever looked down at your scarred, battered and beat legs with bitter despair… Unfortunately, I can’t promise you a cure for the scars. However, I can promote a preventative measure to further damage. Yes, that’s right, there is hope, hope in the form of ‘Urban Kreation’.

Urban Kreation have just released their highly-refined, Kevlar stitched vectran-lined urban clothing range. This means the everyday street rider can now throw on a casual looking set of jeans and go out riding (with a superior level of protection to conventional jeans).I’ve been researching Urban Kreation – They are swiftly gathering a strong following. And I imagine they’ll soon be a house-hold name, in the world of extreme/action sports.

Urban Kreation Jeans.

We’ll be testing a set of jeans soon. Until then, I checked in with Clive Robinson of Urban Kreation. Here’s what he had to say;

“We are the first and only company in the world to make a fashion product with an inner protective layer made from a combination of Kevlar stitching and our very own Vectran lining.

We have worked very closely with NASA trained engineers to perfect the fibers and strands to use in our Vectran material, very similar to that used for the material on the Mars probe air bag. Our material is incredibly soft, and more than 5 times stronger than steel. This combined with the Kevlar stitching has given us a truly unique product for the world, and as such, demand is becoming very high. Interest is growing very quickly in our products, and we are now at a stage to offer them for distribution.

Our range consists of 3 styles of jeans: Skinny – Stretchy, Slim – Stretchy and Regular. All in 3 colors – black, blue and grey. We also have hooded tops, 2 styles and long sleeve T’s, both with a soft inner lining down the shoulders and arms to prevent skin loss on impact.

We have developed a quite impressive team, Ben Hennon, Sam Pilgrim and Chaz Sands to name a few, and we are key sponsors for some major events this year, with the Chaz Sands Invites and NASS festival to name but a few.

We have produced some pretty unique edits of our team doing what they do best in our jeans, please feel free to have a look, as these guys are amazing ...” Clive Robinson

Here at Valleyside, we can’t wait to stock Urban Kreation – Until then, contact RouteOne (UK), Hardcloud (UK), Chaos Distribution (Italy) or SideWallDistro (USA) for all your sales/distribution queries.

Here’s a really nice video of Urban Kreation rider Pete Sawyer…

Pete Sawyer: Urban Kreation Profile from urban kreation on Vimeo.

And of course, the Urban Kreation Wesbite is link of the month!!!

And here’s a link to more Urban Kreation videos – Enjoy!!!

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