Press Release: BraaaB BMX Contest (22nd & 23rd of March / 2014)

The BraaaB BMX Contest will be taking place on the 22nd and 23rd of March at 040 BMX Park over in Eindhoven (Holland). The event itself will consist of both Amateur and Professional classes.

The park itself has just been rebuilt by Daniel Wedemeijer and Pim Van Den Bos (owner 040 BMX Park) – to celebrate they decided to host a new BMX Contest for the BMX Community!

Daniel Wedemeijer was quizzed about the decision to host a BMX Contest: “For years I have been thinking about organizing a BMX contest in the Netherlands. This never happened until now! The rebuilding of the 040 BMX park and the opening of a big new section are the perfect moment for the first ever #BraaaB BMX Contest. 2013 has been a year where I reached goals I could never have thought were possible. Without my sponsors, the BMX scene and the 040 BMX Park this probably would never have happened. With this contest I would like to give something back to everyone!!! Two days of pure BMX where amateur and pro riders will compete for big prizes!’’

We also spoke with Pim van den Bos: “A few years ago, riders from the Netherlands always had to travel to a foreign country to ride a decent park. BMXer’s from the Netherlands had a huge disadvantage because it was hard to adapt to the bigger ramps at the international contests. We couldn’t ride big ramps on a weekly basis like they could in other countries around Europe. Since we started 040 BMX Park there’s finally a decent place for BMX and the progression of the riders is getting crazy! It will be a good one to travel over to for from abroad and the Dutch riders can step it up and measure with the international level!”

This event is going to be crazy!

For more information check out:!

A few videos of the park…

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