Press Release: Zack Gerber/Urban Kreation


“Urban Kreation is proud to announce that local Philly shredder Zack ‘the man’ Gerber is now part of the team.Once Zack pulled on a pair of the skinny fit jeans, it was like they were made for him.  He was blown away by the comfort and the performance of the jeans, and has been riding in them ever since.

This year’s Vans Rebel Jam party featured a showing of ‘The Hunt’ on a huge screen to around 100 of the best riders around the world, the film featured a kick ass edit from Zack, and a huge round of applause rang out after his feature had finished. It was a combination of this response and his dedication to the brand that finally earned him a place on the team.

Zack is super stoked to be on board, and we hope that the jeans just enable him to reach even bigger heights with his insane riding skills.

Watch out for his welcome edit very soon !!!!” – Urban Kreation

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